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November 2013

Iran offers to reconstruct hydro power plants in Kyrgyzstan

Source: The Times of Central Asia, 1.11.2013

Iran is ready to reconstruct 38 hydroelectric power plants in Kyrgyzstan, Iranís Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said at a meeting of the Iran-Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Friendship Group in Tehran on Wednesday.

The Iran-Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Friendship Group discussed expansion of ties including economic relations between the two countries.

Kyrgyz parliament members met with the Iranian energy minister to discuss energy cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Iran, Iranian media reported.

The Iranian energy minister spoke of Iran's experience in building thermal power stations, and proposed Iran to build such stations in Kyrgyzstan.

Chitchian went on to add that Iran is ready to help Kyrgyzstan with producing, distributing and managing energy. The minister also said Iran could help Kyrgyzstan with training of specialists in this sphere.

Exporting technical and engineering services in the field of water and electricity to other countries, especially in the Middle East, is one of the policies of Iranís Ministry of Energy, Chitchian said.

Iran has already launched 59 projects in Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Afghanistan, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Kenya, Lebanon, and Nigeria.

These projects are valued at $3.2 billion, of which 13 projects worth $1.4 billion have been completed.