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News: November 2011

28.11.2011 Caspian countries to develop national action plans under Tehran Convention

28.11.2011 Turkmenistan meets target on gathering 1.05 million tons of cotton

28.11.2011 Turkmenistan celebrates Day of Harvest

28.11.2011 Turkmenistan plans to harvest 1.6 million tons of wheat in 2012

23.11.2011 International conference on environmental issues starts in Turkmenistan

15.11.2011 UNECE workshop to help mainstream environmental concerns into Uzbek Government plans and policies opens in Tashkent

15.11.2011 Ashgabat and Islamabad to sign bilateral documents

15.11.2011 2012 declared year of social development in Turkmenistan

15.11.2011 Turkmenistan re-elected President of SPECA

14.11.2011 $17 mln. to be allocated for environmental monitoring