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November 2011


Source: REGNUM, 14.11.2011

The Government of Uzbekistan has adopted a five-year state program of environmental monitoring in the republic with a budget of $17 mln., IA Regnum reported.

The Government Resolution states that this program is aimed at further assessment of environmental state and forecasts. To implement the activities the Government foreseen in the program for 2011-, is planning to allocate 29,873 bln.sum ($16,9 mln.), 5,457 bln. sum or ($3 mln.) of which will be spent in the current year.

The program is planning to implement the projects on examining of sites and review of the current monitoring system over the sanitary epidemiological state of water streams and reservoirs. By now the projects have been developed on carrying out monitoring of subsurface water. It also provides for introduction of environmental indicators bank for the environmental monitoring and releasing of a national report on the state of environment and nature management in Uzbekistan.