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News: November 2010

29.11.2010 Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to hold international conference on Caspian ecology

29.11.2010 Turkmenistan elected vice-chairman of Bureau of UNECE’s Committee on Sustainable Energy

26.11.2010 Round table in Bishkek discusses draft methodology for calculating environmental pollution charge

26.11.2010 Constructions of Koksaray reservoir to be completed by December 1

26.11.2010 Financing of potable water program to be increased

25.11.2010 Andrey Vasilyev: Protocol on Water and Health is a good tool to reduce a divide among countries in this area which is one of its strengths

25.11.2010 Second session of the Meeting of Parties to Protocol on Water and Health opened in Bucharest

22.11.2010 Francesca Bernardini: “I would also like to stress that most of the Central Asian countries do participate actively in activities and meetings under the Protocol”

20.11.2010 Uzbekistan pursues consistent work to solve environmental problems

20.11.2010 Trans Boundary Environmental Problems of Middle Asia: Application of International Legal Mechanisms for their Solution

19.11.2010 Experts discussed the issues of improving structure and legal basis of IFAS

19.11.2010 Exhibition to focus on ecological problems

19.11.2010 20 developing countries to use sun, wind and geothermal to reshape energy access

19.11.2010 The intergovernmental agreement on the status of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea is ratified

17.11.2010 ã. International conference «Transboundary ecological problems of Middle Asia: Application of international legislative mechanisms for their solution»

17.11.2010 20 developing countries to use sun, wind and geothermal to reshape energy access

17.11.2010 ADB, research agencies target food security, nutrition gains in Asia

17.11.2010 UNDP hosts meeting to discuss partnership for rural development

15.11.2010 Protocol on Water and Health: brief review of situation in the run-up to the Second Meeting of Parties

15.11.2010 Farmers and peasants learn about world practice in small animal farming

9.11.2010 President ratified Agreement on status of International Fund for Saving Aral Sea

9.11.2010 Climate change financing ‘challenging but feasible’ – Ban’s advisory group

9.11.2010 UN marks International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

9.11.2010 National Climate Adaptation Programme for 2011-2013 to be developed in Kazakhstan

5.11.2010 Second session of Meeting of UNECE /EURO-WHO Protocol on Water and Health Parties to take place on 23-25 November 2010, Bucharest, Romania

5.11.2010 Institute of Water Problems and Hydropower of KR National Science Academy prepared study of formation factors and estimation of the Nizhny-Naryn HEPP

4.11.2010 Tajikistan modernizing Varzob HPP-1

4.11.2010 Kambarata-2 HPP to start electricity generation

4.11.2010 Kyrgyzstan's Agriculture Ministry has developed a draft national program of agricultural cooperatives development

4.11.2010 Uzbekistan spent more than $1 billion to save Aral Sea in ten years

3.11.2010 A new UNDP/UNEP Environment and Poverty Initiative approved by relevant government agencies and public

2.11.2010 Bishkek discusses climate effects on public health

2.11.2010 UNDP holds training for rural specialists of FAP on the use micro-HPS and renewable energy sources