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News: November 2007

29.11.2007 Draft report on implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Kazakhstan presented for discussion

29.11.2007 Developing Asian countries must rethink water management to avoid crisis - ADB

29.11.2007 Crucial to work out new grain export routes, Massimov

29.11.2007 UNDP published HDI report

29.11.2007 Draft agreement on rational use of Balkhash-Alakol basin prepared

29.11.2007 The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic approves the joint UN project “Strengthening Coordination for Responding to Emergency Situations in the KR”

26.11.2007 Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers

26.11.2007 UNDP develops legislative base on Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Development

26.11.2007 Discussion on promoting of alternative energy sources use in Central Asia

26.11.2007 Market services for 2.1 trillion soums provided in rural area

23.11.2007 GDP production in Uzbekistan grows by 9.8% in Jan-Sep 2007

22.11.2007 Environment Protection Ìinistry directed conclusions on expediency of ratification of Kyoto Protocol to state bodies

21.11.2007 Kazakh Ecology Ministry prepared a package of environmental documents

20.11.2007 Ecology Ministry to hold a sitting on realization of environmental protection program

20.11.2007 Tajikistan, EurAsEC discuss use of C Asian water & energy resources

19.11.2007 ICSD Public Council – main partner on implementing of Central Asian Initiative on Sustainable Development

16.11.2007 UNDP helps develop renewable energy sources market for sustainable development

16.11.2007 Kazakhstan has significant opportunities in alternative energy sources sphere

16.11.2007 Kazakh Environmental Protection Ministry supports creation of non-governmental special funds

16.11.2007 Third World Summit of steady development to be held in Astana in 2012

15.11.2007 Kazakhstan-EU conference to be held in November in Brussels

15.11.2007 Kazakhstan companies to take part in tender on construction of hydroelectric power station - M. Tazhin

14.11.2007 UNDP, Israeli embassy in support to development of livestock in Uzbekistan

14.11.2007 GDP of CIS member countries grows 50% in 2000-2006

13.11.2007 UNDP presents two microcredit products in Kashkadarya region

13.11.2007 Economic growth rates to make 5-7per cent in 2008, PM

10.11.2007 Issues of setting up water-energetic academy discussed in Bishkek

9.11.2007 Establishing a drought management centre in Central Asia

8.11.2007 Kazakh Agriculture Ministry, Israeli experts to cooperate in Syrdarya trans-border river project

8.11.2007 Low-cost technology boosts farm income in Kazakhstan

8.11.2007 Can the boom in the Caucasus and Central Asia continue?

8.11.2007 IMF sees growth boom continuing in the Caucasus and Central Asia

7.11.2007 Environmental Protection Ministry to submit draft Strategy on effective use of energy this week

7.11.2007 Majilis ratified framework agr’t between Kazakhstan & Asian Development Bank

6.11.2007 Bishkek to celebrate International Day of Science and the Day of Science of Kyrgyzstan

6.11.2007 Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s working trip to Toktogul region ended

5.11.2007 US$18bn plan to build new 'silk roads' through Central Asia

5.11.2007 Kazakhstan’s Government readjusts 2007 GDP growth forecast

5.11.2007 President Bakiyev inspects construction of Kambarata HPS

3.11.2007 CAREC presents results of reconstruction work of drinking water supply system in three villages of Almaty oblast

3.11.2007 Sustainable development forum of CA mountainous areas to be held in Almaty

3.11.2007 Central Asian experts meet in Tashkent to discuss environmental security in the region

3.11.2007 Premiers of Uzbekistan and China sign documents in Tashkent

3.11.2007 SCO PMs vow to strengthen cooperation in customs, agriculture

3.11.2007 Kazakhstan occupied 61st position in competitive states’ rating: World Economic Forum

3.11.2007 Kazakh Premier calls SCO states to pay attention to Aral Sea problem

2.11.2007 Bishkek holds a round table on “Public participation in solid domestic waste management”

2.11.2007 Russia can take a role of an arbiter on water energy issues in Central Asia

2.11.2007 Draft law of KR “On Renewable Energy Sources” prepared for discussion

2.11.2007 KR experts are discussing the draft National Concept of KR Transition to Sustainable Development

2.11.2007 Kyrgyz scientists participate in international forum in Tashkent

2.11.2007 Almaty to host forum on sustainable development of CA mountainous regions

2.11.2007 WB vice president, director to arrive in Tajikistan

2.11.2007 MDG wide awareness campaign continued in Bukhara with youth and children

1.11.2007 OSCE conference fosters cooperation on Central Asia environment

1.11.2007 ADB President to meet leaders of Central Asian states

1.11.2007 CIS countries intend to adopt environmental safety convention