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News: November 2006

30.11.2006 Turkmenistan improves drinking water supply to rural areas

30.11.2006 Karakalpak families, social objects to receive aid

30.11.2006 Kyrgyzstan embarked on developing of National Program for Comprehensive Solution of Submergence of Arable Lands

30.11.2006 International donors continue rendering assistance to Kyrgyzstan in providing rural population with pure water

30.11.2006 IAEA to render technical and financial assistance to Kyrgyzstan

29.11.2006 Belarus interested in building hydropower plants in Kyrgyzstan

29.11.2006 Ecological tourism is not just about spending time in nature: Ivar Vikki

29.11.2006 Kazakhstan aims to rank among top five world grain exporters, Vice Minister

29.11.2006 Ever-first Kazakhstan Grain Forum -2006 started in Astana

29.11.2006 Uzbek Cotton Harvest Improves

29.11.2006 Central Asian states sign convention of environment protection

28.11.2006 Partnership in combating land degradation

28.11.2006 Dialogue for the Earth's prosperity

28.11.2006 Ecosan holds hearings on implementation of the law On Water and Water Use

28.11.2006 Draft State Science Development Program approved

27.11.2006 Round table in Senate discussed Effective Management of Aidar-Arnasai Lakes Guarantee of Sustainable Environmental Development

25.11.2006 Results of the first press conference of Kazakh Grain Forum-2006

25.11.2006 Sub regional framework convention on preservation of environment for sustainable development in Central Asia adopted in Ashgabat

24.11.2006 Strategies for sustainable energy use in rural area

23.11.2006 UNDP initiates installation of 12 pilot 1-5 kWt MHPSs in Issyk-Kul oblast

23.11.2006 Experts to discuss energy issues

17.11.2006 Kazakhstan to export up to 7 million tons of grain in 2006

17.11.2006 Partnership launched to combat land degradation in Central Asia

16.11.2006 Kazakhstan population estimated at above 15 mln, Statistics Agency

16.11.2006 President K.Bakiyev: Good conditions are created in Kyrgyzstan for development of farming industry

15.11.2006 The main attention should be paid to setting up various forms of cooperative societies in solving problems of small farms Kyrgyz President

15.11.2006 Only 1% existing potential of renewable energy sources use in Kyrgyzstan

15.11.2006 OSCE Bishkek conference to address land degradation and soil contamination

15.11.2006 Kyrgyzstan exceeded target on electricity supply to Kazakhstan

15.11.2006 IEG to hold agriculture, food exhibitions

15.11.2006 Turkmenistan develops system of drip irrigation of fields, gardens and vineyards

14.11.2006 Growth of GDP for 10 months 2006 is more than 10 % than in 2005: PM

14.11.2006 ADB deemed effective, but could do better, survey finds

13.11.2006 Uzbekistan takes third place on industrial growth rate in CIS

11.11.2006 Kyrgyz GDP up 2.6% in January October

11.11.2006 Kazakhstan can export up to 7 mln tons of grain

11.11.2006 Among CIS countries, setback in production registered in January-September in Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia and Armenia

10.11.2006 2006 a successful year for Kazakhstani economy: Nazarbayev

9.11.2006 Iranian companies are ready to invest in reconstruction of Uchkorgon HPS and construction of power lines in Kyrgyzstan

8.11.2006 Draft Ecological Code approved in the second reading

7.11.2006 Development of electric power industry discussed in Government

4.11.2006 Seminar considers condition of snow, glacial and water resources in CA

4.11.2006 Kazakh PM signed decree on Fund of Science JSC creation

4.11.2006 Planned Nuke Plant Generates Worries

3.11.2006 RusAl to dispute its position

3.11.2006 Seminar on environmental regulation will take place in Atyrau

3.11.2006 Balkhash Lake Headed for another Aral?

2.11.2006 Who will construct Roghun hydropower plant?

2.11.2006 Central and South Asian agreed on energy export

2.11.2006 Almaty hosts conference on power engineering

2.11.2006 Decision-making process on environmental matters will be discussed in Kazakhstan

2.11.2006 Pakistan, Tajikistan sign protocol on cooperation in Energy, Economic Fields

2.11.2006 Tajikistan: Unfinished construction of Rogun HPS is more than $1.2bn worth

1.11.2006 Tajikistan and Pakistan agreed to enhance economic cooperation

1.11.2006 Tajikistan: RusAl to continue work on Tajik hydropower plant

1.11.2006 Seminar on Central Asian snow, ice and water resources to take place

1.11.2006 Decision-making process on environmental matters will be discussed in Kazakhstan