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News: November 2005

29.11.2005 Kyrgyz PM thanks ADB for assistance in organizing the 4th CAREC conference in Bishkek

29.11.2005 Agricultural business consulting centres assist Uzbek farmers

29.11.2005 Almaty largest reservoirs breach is acute as never before, candidate Yeleussizov

28.11.2005 World Bank issues loans to Uzbek farmers

28.11.2005 Asian oil producers, consumers agree on regional gas order

26.11.2005 EBRD issues new Tajik strategy for 2006-2007

25.11.2005 Natural harmony

25.11.2005 Access to drinking water

25.11.2005 Kyrgyzstan becomes indepedent from neighbors due to new electricity transmission line for Northern Kyrgyzstan

24.11.2005 India woos Central Asia to secure energy supplies

23.11.2005 US $ 952m programme to support Central Asia Regional Cooperation

22.11.2005 EBRD's President Lemierre visits Kazakhstan

22.11.2005 USA to help Kyrgyzstan to improve the power supply to the southern region

21.11.2005 Saparmurat Niyazov allots US$ 10 million to improve irrigation

21.11.2005 Real growth of GDP in Kazakhstan reaches 9%

20.11.2005 Turkmenistan Earmarks US 10$ Million for Water Management Machinery

18.11.2005 An US$8bn annual investment would allow Asia to meet water MDG, report says

17.11.2005 Event on land degradation opens in Uzbek capital

16.11.2005 French group undertakes to build Tajik power plant

16.11.2005 Climate change could spread plague from Central Asia

15.11.2005 Sharing water crucial for sustainable development

14.11.2005 Donors help EBRD to double poor country projects

14.11.2005 The meeting of Steering committee of project Central Asian Gateway to pass in Bishkek

14.11.2005 Kyrgyz Journalists distinguished at Almaty Festival of Ecological Journalism

12.11.2005 Kyrgyzstan becomes a threshold country in U.S. program of Millennium goals account

12.11.2005 World Bank hold talks with Tajikistan

11.11.2005 Bringing down barriers: UNDP prepares Central Asia development report

11.11.2005 Central Asian journalists adopt Russian colleagues experience in ecology coverage

10.11.2005 MC to discuss import of power from Tajikistan

10.11.2005 5th Central-Asian Festival of Ecological Journalism opens in Almaty

9.11.2005 Head of Parliamentary committee is against handing over Kyrgyzenergo in concession