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News: November 2004

27.11.2004 ICID Moscow Declaration (September 2004)

24.11.2004 Beijing Declaration on Hydropower and Sustainable Development

22.11.2004 Work in progress: David Hayes takes a look at how work is commencing on Tajikistan's Pamir hydro power project

20.11.2004 Board Meeting of the International Fund for the Aral Sea Saving

20.11.2004 Donors discuss the Aral Sea basin problems

5.11.2004 President orders creation of special commission to oversee farms development

4.11.2004 UES to invest in Kyrgyz hydro

4.11.2004 Ordinary meeting of the Kazakh-Russian Commission for Transboundary Water Bodies Sharing and Protection

2.11.2004 Board Meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan

1.11.2004 In Turkmenistan adopted the Code of Turkmenistan on Water and the Code of Turkmenistan on Land