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News: October 2006

31.10.2006 In memory of Michael Armitage

31.10.2006 Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan ink memo on energy development

27.10.2006 Turkmenistan in talks to build gas pipe to UAE via Afghanistan

25.10.2006 Free use of electricity, gas, water prolonged in Turkmenistan - Niyazov

25.10.2006 First International specialized exhibition- sale of mini - technologies opens in Tashkent

23.10.2006 Bishkek to host the fifth international Central Asian conference on Education for Sustainable Development

20.10.2006 K. Bakiyev supports rural cooperative societies

19.10.2006 President participates in Ferghana deputies council session, regional governor replaced

19.10.2006 Second International Uzbek Cotton Fair ends

18.10.2006 Tashkent Hosts second International Uzbek Cotton Fair

17.10.2006 Tajikistan initiates micro hydro program

17.10.2006 Central Asian journalists train to cover environmental issues

16.10.2006 Over 3.6m tons of cotton harvested in Uzbekistan

10.10.2006 Uzbekistan to almost double price of gas for Tajikistan in 2007

3.10.2006 Reversing Aral Sea damage making progress

3.10.2006 Turkmen water industry gets new machines

2.10.2006 F. Kulov asks for debates on privatization of energy sector to be postponed