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News: September 2011

28.9.2011 Astana-2011: Mirbek Ilyazov: The current crisis of state governance in Kyrgyzstan benefits the global nature

28.9.2011 Astana-2011: R. Gizatullin: Water resources are not unlimited and countries should take measures on their rational management

27.9.2011 Progress on dam safety in Central Asia – the conclusion of a UNECE project

26.9.2011 UNECE helps Kyrgyzstan in strengthening transboundary water cooperation for adaptation to climate change

26.9.2011 Ashgabat proposes to establish Caspian Environment Forum under UN auspices

26.9.2011 Turkmenistan once again highlighted importance of ensuring energy transit security at UN General Assembly

26.9.2011 UN Interregional Center on Climate Change can be established in Ashgabat

23.9.2011 Astana -2011: N. Ashim: “Green Bridge” should ensure its self-funding through investment and business projects

23.9.2011 20 countries commit to improving their water management in the framework of the Astana Water Action

23.9.2011 Ban Ki-moon appreciates Turkmenistan’s major contribution to development of Afghanistan

22.9.2011 Water Quality in transboundary rivers of Central Asia – the launch of a platform for cooperation

22.9.2011 President of Turkmenistan to speak at the UN General Assembly

21.9.2011 Pan-European assessment asks: ‘What do we know about water and green economy?’

21.9.2011 Second Assessment of transboundary waters in wider Europe shows improvements over the past decade amidst emerging concerns

13.9.2011 Turkmenistan to update State Land Inventory

13.9.2011 Turkmenistan approves concept of its presidency in CIS in 2012

9.9.2011 UNDP supports dialogue on developing legal framework for RES

7.9.2011 Turkmenistan to participate in UN Conference on Climate Change

7.9.2011 Seventh "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference, Astana, 21-23 September 2011

3.9.2011 Turkmenistan outlines main priorities of its future presidency in the CIS

3.9.2011 Turkmenistan and Switzerland ready to expand bilateral partnership