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News: September 2009


Source: Asia Plus, 5.09.2009

Water in the Central Asia is not only a basis of social and economic development, but the major part of national and regional safety, president of the RТ Emomali Rakhmon has declared on the eve in the performance at 3rd climate World conference in Geneva.

"Results of some researches show, that during from 1956 till 1990 the Central Asia glacial resources were reduced in more than three times and continue to be reduced with average intensity in about 0,6-0,8 % per year on congelation area and in about 0,1 % on an ice volume. According to the most conservative estimates, Tajikistan glaciers, being the basic source of the rivers of the central-Asian region, in XX century have lost more than thirds of its volumes", - he has informed.

In performance it is marked that rise in temperature of air on 2-3 C, according to forecasts, will strengthen process of thawing of glaciers and will lead to reduction of snow reserves. "According to estimations, thousand of glaciers can disappear in Tajikistan. The area of the country congelation can decrease for 20 %, and an ice volume - on 25-30 %. In an initial stage thawing of glaciers will promote increase in a drain of some rivers - that is observed now - then a significant reduction of water many rivers can be observed. Forecasts of a climate change in region, which specify reduction of a river drain from insignificant (5-10 %) up to rather essential (10-40 %) in long-term prospect do not console, - has emphasized E. Rakhmon. - Demographic growth (1,0-1,5 % per year) and intensive economy development of the countries regions (annually on the average 7-10 %) which, according to some calculations in 2030 will lead to water consumption growth on 15-20 % from existing aggravate the Situation.

The region population, from 20 million in 1956 has increased up to 63 million people". Such tendency, according to the RT leader, definitely, should cause serious alarm. "Softening of climatic changes influence demands the complex approach including measures on reduction of issues of hotbed gases, to strengthening of a condition of natural absorbers of carbon, use of renewed energy sources and other adaptable actions, - the president considers. - Significant reduction of emissions in an atmosphere would be promoted by giving a priority to use of renewed energy sources instead of the fuel components, being the basic sources of air pollution. In this plan hydroresources, which stocks in region are rather significant are preferable. In Tajikistan annual potential hydropower resources make 527 billion kw/h, which exceeds present needs of all countries of the central-Asian region in three times".