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News: September 2007

29.09.2007 President visits Jizzakh, Syrdarya regions to witness local reforms

28.09.2007 Kazakh PM visited Aral town

28.09.2007 Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan considers 2008 state budget

27.09.2007 Kazakhstan proposed to attach International fund of Aral rescue status of UN institute

27.09.2007 G8 FM meeting discuss situation in Afghanistan, Iran

26.09.2007 N. Nazarbayev suggested developing UN Global Energy, Ecology Strategy

26.09.2007 Kazakhstan suggests developing Global energy ecological strategy

25.09.2007 Russia interested in privatizing numerous strategic buildings of Kyrgyzstan

24.09.2007 Talas residents are provided with drinking water by 95 %

22.09.2007 Water and energy for stability and peace in South-Eastern Central Asia

21.09.2007 OSCE Centre supports regional water management co-operation

21.09.2007 Water use issues discussed in Turkmenbashi

20.09.2007 UN office in Uzbekistan announces essay competition for students on MDGs

19.09.2007 Central Asia: governments move to stem spiralling food prices

19.09.2007 Environment and Security program meeting held Ashgabat

19.09.2007 Kazakhstan government, UNDP to conclude memorandum of cooperation

17.09.2007 ADB upgrades developing Asia's 2007 growth forecast to 8.3%

17.09.2007 Asian Development Outlook 2007 Update: Central Asia

13.09.2007 Ecological forum held in Ashgabat under UN aegis

12.09.2007 Integration of education, science and production in agro-engineering discussed

10.09.2007 Kazakhstan to export 9 mln tons of grain 2007: Agriculture Minister

7.09.2007 UNIDO offers to give Kyrgyzstan a coordinating status in solving of water problems in Central Asia

7.09.2007 Waterways co-operation: increasing security and protecting the environment

6.09.2007 Kazakhstan to expect increase grain earnings by twice

5.09.2007 Farmers from Khorezm study Dutch experience in livestock breeding

4.09.2007 Uzbek GDP made up 10,115.6 billion soums in 1H 2007, 9.7% growth

2.09.2007 GDP to be increased by one and a half by 2012 - Kazakhstan President