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News: September 2006

21.09.2006 Kazakhstan to export up to 4.7 million tonnes of grain to world market

21.09.2006 Turkmenistan : Ginning companies prepone cotton processing

21.09.2006 Turkmenistan starts cotton processing

21.09.2006 Unblocking Tajikistan's Giant Dam Project

21.09.2006 Uzbek cotton proceeds in world market

21.09.2006 Population of Kyrgyzstan increased by 1% and totaled 5 million 197,6 thousand people

19.09.2006 Turkmenistan starts cotton processing

18.09.2006 The Conference on CAREC appoints for October

18.09.2006 Construction of South-North electric main

18.09.2006 South-North electric main to be key link in Tajikistans electric system, says President Rahmonov

16.09.2006 The wind-driven electric power station will be constructed in Kazakhstan

15.09.2006 Kazakhstani president launches a $94 ml new bio-ethanol plant Biokhim in north Kazakhstan

14.09.2006 India looking for energy supplies in Central Asia

12.09.2006 International exhibition AgroProdExpo-2006 open in Bishkek

12.09.2006 Thailand Maps Joint Electricity Investment with Tajikistan

11.09.2006 Farmers instructed on integration of technology for saline soil management

8.09.2006 Central Asian Water Cooperation Still Elusive

7.09.2006 CIS states GDP grew by 6 per cent

6.09.2006 Kazakhstan should rank among the top five grain-exporting countries

5.09.2006 Kazakhstan to build a pilot wind-driven plant

5.09.2006 Turkmen machine-operators to receive a large consignment of the Case machines

4.09.2006 Farmers prepare for Uzbekistan AGROMINITECH EXPO'2006

4.09.2006 Leaders of the Central Asian countries: 'meeting without ties'

3.09.2006 "Water Wars" a Myth, Say Experts

2.09.2006 Agrarians in Kyrgyzstan continue harvesting campaign of grains

2.09.2006 Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management - CACILM

2.09.2006 Central Asian Water Cooperation Still Elusive

2.09.2006 CIS agricultural output up 2.5% in 1H

2.09.2006 President Bakiyev left for Astana to informal summit of Central Asian leaders

2.09.2006 President orders to create national agricultural holding

2.09.2006 Uzbek leader leaves for Astana

1.09.2006 President Bakiyev left for Astana to informal summit of Central Asian leaders

1.09.2006 ADB extends loans of US$260 Million for Water sector in China and Uzbekistan

1.09.2006 ADB Expands Water Cooperation Activities with $3.2 Million Grant Package