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August 2013

Tajikistan gets ready to launch first two units of controversial power plant

Source: The Times of Central Asia, 29.08.2013

Builders of the Roghun power plant informed that, in the near future, it would be possible to launch the first two units of Roghun being built east of Dushanbe, Tajik capital, Asia-Plus reports.

The engineers and builders of the Roghun hydroelectric power plant said this in news programmes of

Tajikistan's state-run TV channels on 23 August. "The first two units of Tajikistan's energy giant can be run under low water pressure, in other words, before the construction of a dam," they said.

Moreover, it was also reported that preparations were in full swing to block the Vakhsh River at the place where a dam will be built. Work is under way to prepare reserves of sand, gravel and concrete structures.

Energy expert and MP of the lower house of the country's parliament, Shodi Shabdolov, who is also the leader of the Communist Party of Tajikistan (CPT), said that it was inefficient to launch the units of the

Roghun power plant without building a dam, because they will generate electricity without proper water pressure, like small hydroelectric power plants.

"The launch of the Roghun power plant's units without the construction of a necessary dam does not contradict agreements between Tajikistan and the World Bank, under which the World Bank is funding two key evaluative studies on the Roghun power plant at the request of the Tajik government. Those studies are estimated feasibility study (EFS) and the environmental and social impact assessment of the project (ESIA)," Shabdolov said.

At the same time, the CPT leader stressed that any prudent politician and power engineer understands that the height of the Roghun hydroelectric power plant's dam must not be lowered, because in that case the power plant's capacity will decrease by many times, maintenance cost of waterworks will increase and the Roghun reservoir's effectiveness in irrigating new areas in the Central Asian region will decrease by dozens of times.

Uzbekistan is against the Roghun project as it fears that the huge dam of the power facility will aggravate water shortage in its territory and carry the risk of flooding border areas.

U.S. interests to solve regional water, energy problems in Central Asia

Source: The Times of Central Asia, 29.08.2013

The United States of America and Uzbekistan are equally interested in strengthening security in Central Asia and furthering the prosperity of the region and its constant help to Afghanistan, the U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan George Krol told the country's media outlets on Wednesday.

The U.S. will consistently continue its large-scale cooperation with Uzbekistan in the implementation of relevant projects and initiatives, he said.

The U.S. is happy to support initiatives of the Uzbek authorities and civil society institutions ensuring regional security and fighting terrorism, drug addiction and drug trafficking, the ambassador said.

The United States is further interested in the rational use of water and energy resources in the region, Krol said. The U.S. holds a special interest in the resolution of issues related to the management and rational use of water and energy resources and hopes that open dialogue between Central Asian countries will contribute to this, he said.

As to the U.S.-Uzbek cooperation in investment, trade and economic spheres, talks held in Washington and Tashkent, in particular, the annual bilateral consultations, contribute to attracting equal partners to open and friendly dialogue covering all aspects of the bilateral agenda, Krol said.

The U.S. supports the Uzbek aspirations to develop and diversify its economy, to create more optimal conditions to attract foreign investment and engage existing potential in the development of regional trade and commerce, the ambassador said.

"The USA and Uzbekistan are equally interested in strengthening security and stability in Central Asia, and further developing the region. We are pleased to support the initiatives of the Uzbek government and civil society institutes in providing regional security as well as fighting terrorism, drug addiction and drug trafficking. We value Uzbekistan's great contribution to bringing about peace and stability, and particularly its continuous assistance to Afghanistan. We will consistently continue our extensive cooperation with Uzbekistan in implementing relevant projects and proposals. The USA is interested in solving issues concerning the management and rational use of water and energy resources. And I hope that open dialogue between the Central Asian countries will help in this process," the American ambassador in Tashkent said.