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August 2013

U.S sends 3000 agricultural machinery products to Turkmenistan

Source: The Times of Central Asia, 19.08.2013

About three million units of American Case machinery have been supplied to Turkmenistan since 1993. The equipment was mainly delivered to the State Association Turkmenobahyzmat, Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reported.

The article said that the growing supply of technology by the world's leading companies as well as an increase in the role of the private sector in the agricultural industry shows the effectiveness of reforms undertaken in the country's agricultural sector.

At this stage, more than two dozen brands of Puma-155 Case tractors have been delivered to private farmers and daykhan associations in the Lebap velayat (region). Moreover, Case began the sale of technology directly to commodity producers this year.

The newspaper says the leading role in this belongs to the country's banks that provide soft loans to agricultural producers.

Case has delivered 40 units of equipment in accordance with the scheme since the beginning of this year.

The orders keep coming and in particular, another two dozen models of the Puma-155, Maxxum 125 and JX95 tractors will be delivered to the Dashoguz and Akhal velayats in the near future.