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News: August 2011

31.8.2011 Turkmenistan committed to constructive cooperation within CIS

26.8.2011 Establishment of Joint Centre for Disaster Response and Risk Reduction

25.8.2011 Investing in ecosystem services can boost food security, raise incomes – UN

23.8.2011 Turkmenistan prepares to open embassy in Switzerland

19.8.2011 Kazakhstan drops river reversal idea

19.8.2011 Central Asia is drying up

17.8.2011 Astana "Green Bridge" Initiative has huge potential - Alexandre Keltchewsky, Head of OSCE Center in Astana

6.8.2011 Kazakhstan plans to have grain harvest up to 17-17.5 mln tons

5.8.2011 Forest product markets across the UNECE region rebound in 2010 after two years of falling production and consumption

5.8.2011 Resolution adopted by CAREC anniversary meeting recommends countries to ensure institutional support to CAREC

1.8.2011 Turkmenistan proposes to establish inter-regional energy dialogue under UN auspices