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News: August 2006

31.08.2006 Safe drinking water for Central Asia. EPA, EBRD, ADB ADB combine to revamp region's water infrastructure

31.08.2006 ADB to loan Uzbekistan $60 mln for farmland improvements

30.08.2006 Ecologists of Astana discussed environmental activity system

30.08.2006 Government of Switzerland continues to render assistance to Kyrgyzstan in solving natural disaster

30.08.2006 Kyrgyzstan to raise electricity export tariff

30.08.2006 Uzbekistan electricity production up 3.4% in 7 months

30.08.2006 Uzbekistan's H1 budget surplus at 1.2% of GDP

29.08.2006 Chinese companies to build hydroelectric plant in Kazakhstan

29.08.2006 Kyrgyzstan, China expand energy cooperation

29.08.2006 Central Asian Leaders will Gather for Iinformal Summit

29.08.2006 Central Asian Summit to Focus on Water Resources

29.08.2006 EU intends to increase financial aid to Kyrgyzstan

29.08.2006 President Bakiyev handed over keys of new tractors to Osh farmers

28.08.2006 Iran is ready to invest in construction of largest hydro power stations in Kyrgyzstan

27.08.2006 Energy Watch

25.08.2006 Turkmenistan buys consignment of Case machinery

25.08.2006 Foreign experts analyze economic development of Central Asia

25.08.2006 Water Issues May Cause Instability In Central Asia

24.08.2006 Development of applied research in Central Asia

24.08.2006 CNH makes $55 million sale to Turkmenistan

24.08.2006 India to join Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pak pipeline project

24.08.2006 Tajik economy grows 7.2%

23.08.2006 Donors recommend Tajikistan to ease registration requirements

23.08.2006 KSUCTA and Central Asian Institute of Application Study of the Earth signed treaty on training personnel in the field of applied geodesy and geoinformation system

22.08.2006 Agricultural output in Uzbekistan grows by 7.2% year-on-year in 1H

22.08.2006 Families of water-transport workers of Turkmenistan to get two luxury apartment houses worth US $ 26

22.08.2006 Natural protection department set to look into Caspian environment protection efficiency

22.08.2006 US$1m grant to boost work on ADB five-year energy strategy

22.08.2006 Uzbek environmentalists give the alarm

21.08.2006 Kazakhstan may reach 18 ml people by 2024

21.08.2006 Main macroeconomic indicators for 1H 2006: Uzbek GDP grows by 6.6%

21.08.2006 Natural protection department set to look into Caspian environment protection efficiency

21.08.2006 Tourism and ecotourism for sustainable development

21.08.2006 Turkmenistan Buys Agro Machinery worth US 55 Mln from Case of USA

21.08.2006 Two water storage to be built in Archabil

21.08.2006 Uzbek environmentalists give the alarm

21.08.2006 Water of spring purity

17.08.2006 Rotary Club aids Kyrgyz villages develop sustainable water project

17.08.2006 Turkmenistan To Buy U.S. Tractors

16.08.2006 Uzbekistan, Russia form tractor JV

16.08.2006 Turkmenistan buys another batch of agricultural machinery from Case Corporation

16.08.2006 Turkmen president approves procedure of sale of cotton products owned by private producers

16.08.2006 US envoy pushes for Turkmenistan-Pakistan gas pipeline

15.08.2006 Safe Drinking Water: U.S. Helps People Turn on the Tap

14.08.2006 Water Levels Rising in Kyrgyzstan's Largest Lake

14.08.2006 Kyrgyzstan's GDP growth makes 2.5%

12.08.2006 Uzbekenergo admits eight companies to Tashkent power plant tender

12.08.2006 Tender to sell 2 Uzbek TPPS declared invalid

12.08.2006 The first nation-wide agricultural census

12.08.2006 India, Tajikistan boost energy ties; to fight terror

12.08.2006 Natural disasters had affected 10% of population in Central Asia

11.08.2006 Farmers Push for Aral-Friendly Cotton Variety

10.08.2006 UN offers help in Central Asia projects

10.08.2006 US wants India to source energy from Central Asia not Iran

9.08.2006 Chinese companies to begin building Moinak hydroelectric plant

8.08.2006 Kazakhstan, Russia and China's water supply to be debated

8.08.2006 Tajikistan seeks Indian investment in hydropower, mining

8.08.2006 World Bank gives Kyrgyzstan $15 million grant for villages

3.08.2006 Eight percent GDP growth hard to reach in 2006

3.08.2006 IBRD resumes credit program for Uzbekistan

3.08.2006 Tajik, Kyrgyz sides cannot agree in electric power export price

3.08.2006 World Bank offers new options for reengaging in agricultural water management

3.08.2006 Asian Development Bank announces its new Water Financing Program 2006-2010

3.08.2006 Water Users Associations Support Program (WUASP) initiates new pilot Water Users Associations (WUAs) in Central Asia

2.08.2006 Agricultural production in Kazakhstan substantially increased: Agricultural Ministry

1.08.2006 China sent 100 tractors to Kyrgyzstan

1.08.2006 OSCE helps Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan find ways to share water

1.08.2006 Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan fail to sign agreement on power supplies

1.08.2006 Kazakhstan will pay charges to maintain joint basins and dams with Kyrgyzstan

1.08.2006 World Bank to resume lending to Uzbekistan