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News: July 2011

27.7.2011 EU supports energy policy of Turkmenistan

20.7.2011 Peace and Security in Central Asia Linked to More Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Including the Waters of the Amu Darya River and its Tributaries

19.7.2011 Security Council voices support for UN diplomatic efforts in Central Asia

18.7.2011 CAREC celebrates 10 years of environmental expertise at the shores of the Issyk-Kul Lake

14.7.2011 St. Petersburgs water managers willing to share their experience with Turkmenistan

14.7.2011 Achieving equitable access to water and sanitation still requires action throughout the UNECE region, east and west

8.7.2011 UNDP supports development of small HPP in remote areas

8.7.2011 Landmark meeting of Aarhus Convention welcomes global accession

7.7.2011 Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and Iran hold talks in Ashgabat

7.7.2011 Turkmenistan to strengthen sanitary control over quality of drinking water in regions

4.7.2011 Convention on environment and human rights crucial for ecological protection Ban

4.7.2011 UNECE workshop on equitable access to water and sanitation opens in Geneva on 4 July 2011

1.7.2011 Uzbek environmental movement opposes Tajik power plant

1.7.2011 Tajiks in dam resettlement complain of compensation problems