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News: July 2009


Source: KAZINFORM, K. Kulshamov, 30.07.2009

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan proposes to increase the lending funds for rural consumers' cooperatives up to KZT 3.5 billion in 2010, Agriculture Minister Akhylbek Kurishbayev said today at the Government telephone conference in Astana. Fast development of rural cooperative entities requires gradual systematic work. To set up such cooperative entities we need their members to be willing to do that, - he remarked. He urged region akims to form special work groups within a month and assured that training will be provided if necessary.

Each of these groups must research their local situations, select a leader and create cooperative entities. Thus, each region must have two of three pilot cooperative entities engaged in services, procurement and marketing, - the Minister added.

The Minister also required business corporations to take active part in the development of rural cooperation by providing the necessary production infrastructure, financial resources and logistics.

The Agriculture Minister suggested to the Ministry of Economy to include rural cooperation development into the rating of estimation of akims' activity at all levels. He also urged that the 2010 budget must envisage increased lending funds for rural cooperatives up to KZT 3.5 billion. Such measures will let form and fortify the basis of rural cooperation at the first stage and ensure boosting of production in the future, according to the Minister.


Source: KAZINFORM, K. Kulshamov, 30.07.2009

Today in Astana the Government has held a telephone conference where the issue of rural cooperation development was discussed.

Vice PM Umirzak Shukeyev suggested that other regions should research and adopt the positive experience of Ontustik enterprise. In this regard PM Karim Massimov instructed to elaborate proposals before September 1, and urged to organize seminars with region akims to do the research and submit proposals and recommendations.


Source: KAZINFORM, 30.07.2009

During the period from July 26 till July 29, 2009 agricultural delegation from Kazakhstan led by the president of the state company Kazagroinnovations Mrs. Bayan Alimgazinova visited Israel.

The visit was the result of the agreements reached by the presidents of Kazakhstan and Israel during the visit of the President of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres to Kazakhstan a month ago. These agreements also included creation of the Fund for carrying out of joint researches in the field of agriculture.

Special attention of the delegation has been paid to acquaintance with the Agricultural Research Organization The Volcani Center, which is supposed to become a copartner from the Israeli party in the bilateral Fund.

On June 29 the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Israel Mr. Galym Orazbakov and participants of the Kazakhstan delegation met the Minister of Agriculture of Israel Mr. Shalom Simhon who in his welcoming speech supported the further development of relations in agriculture sphere between the countries, and also sounded his invitation to the Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan to visit Israel.

During the meeting the Memorandum of mutual understanding and cooperation between the company Kazagroinnovations and The Volcani Center was signed with main objective to accelerate development of agro-science by means of joint researches, application of technologies and innovations in agricultural sector.

The delegation also had some meetings with the management of the Israeli institute of export and international cooperation, with representatives of the Yissum, NaanDanJain Irrigation, Azrom and Yamko Yadpaz companies, press service of the Kazakhstan Embassy in Israel reports.