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News: July 2009


Source:, 29.07.2009

The construction of the first phase of a unique hydraulic facility, Turkmen lake Altyn Asyr, has finished in the Karakum desert. Turkmen builders completed the construction of trenches - two manmade rivers running for over thousand of kilometres.

Drainage water collected from the fields in Dashoguz, Lebap, Mary and Akhal provinces, flowing along the beds of these rivers, merge at the so-called collector, from which water flows to the lake.

Every year, up to 10 billion cubic meters of mineralized drainage water will flow to the Turkmen Lake which sits in the natural depression called Karashor in the Karakum desert. The lake will dramatically improve the ameliorative condition of irrigated lands and would solve many problems related to salinity, water logging of land and drought. The total capacity of the reservoir is 132 billion cubic meters with the surface area occupying about two thousand square kilometres.

The implementation of this multi-billion project will open qualitatively new opportunities and horizons for the development of the country's agricultural sector and will contribute to the conservation, rational use of water resources, and improvement of environment both in Turkmenistan and Central Asia.

During the second and third phases of the lake's construction it is planned to deepen and broaden the channels of main collectors, to increase water supply, build waterworks, bridges and crossings over these manmade rivers, upgrade their beds to the designed parameters and lay down inlet inspector roads.