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News: July 2009


Source: Uzbekistan Today, A. Teshaev, 17.07.2009

Uzbekistan conducts a great deal of work on improving rural areas, constructing modern housing and cultural facilities. A review-contest “The best village in the republic” favors its further improvement. Many villages of Surkhandarya Region are actively preparing for this prestigious competition.

Manguzar village of Termez District is growing more beautiful each year. Comfortable homes are constructed here; roads are covered with asphalt and are getting wider. Pure drinking water and natural gas supply is enhancing.

As the chair of Manguzar village, Lola Mirzakulova notes, there are two modern schools, more than ten outlets and points of public catering, modern rural medical centers and other cultural facilities for nearly thousand inhabitants of the village. In addition, besides personal services points, there is also a workshop manufacturing furniture, two Guzars and a mini-bank. There is a workshop for manufacturing components for bikes in this village. Agricultural produce grown by villagers is supplied to Termez city and other parts of the region. Fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in four greenhouses provide a solid income.

“In our greenhouse, we grow more than one hundred varieties of flowers,” says Jura Pardaev. “Part of it is directed for beautifying our village. Streets and parks, enterprises and organizations of the district are decorated with these flowers.”

There are six business entities in the village, and four farms. Recently, the businesswoman Zamira Bakiyeva has opened a sewing shop that now employs twelve women. Part of income received is directed for supporting poor rural families and constructing cultural and social facilities. Huzhamboz farm has built a Guzar and a mini-market. Surhon Vohasi farm has opened a store, market place, a sewing shop, shops for manufacturing furniture, aluminum doors and windows, has started transport services. “The care displayed toward development of villages encourages each of us to work hard,” notes head of Surhon Vohasi farm, Risolat Mamatkulova. “There are all conditions for constructing new dwellings of model projects, building cultural and social facilities. All this will undoubtedly bring an important impetus for further improvements in the appearance of our village, its transformations.

The transforming processes in our villages, like Manguzar, strengthens the confidence of villagers in future and promotes their welfare.


Source: Uzbekistan Today, K. Sharipova, 17.07.2009

Ecology Movement of Uzbekistan has held its first public hearing on the progress of the State Committee of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection within the Program for the Protection of Environment of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2008-2012 adopted by the pertinent decision of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2008.

This program is designed for implementing a package of measures for environmental protection. In particular, for ensuring environmental safety, preservation and restoration of natural systems, their biodiversity and capacity for self-regulation, for ensuring rational and integrated use of natural resources. The program also envisages activities for improving and further implementation of cost-effective methods of nature management, reducing pollution, improving legal mechanism for preserving ecological stability. Greater emphasis is put on the development of environmental science and improving ecological culture. It should be noted that there are territorial action programs elaborated for protecting the environment. In general, for the implementation of this program it is projected to draw 164.207 bln soums, 351.28 mln US dollars and 450,000 euros. The tasks set by the movement a significant role is given to implementation of public control, including those legal acts that concern environmental and health protection, according to Abdumannop Tulyaganov, head of the executive board of the eco-movement.

Public hearing is one of the most effective mechanisms of public participation in making decisions that may eliminate factors that could adversely affect health and lifestyles. Therefore, the eco-movement is actively using mechanism for identifying and solving environmental problems. Public control will contribute to successful implementation of those laws and other regulations adopted in the republic, which ultimately will help ensure environmental safety,” noted A.Tulyaganov.

During public hearings, participants discussed execution of the action program. Details about its implementation were communicated by invited representatives of government agencies. Following the hearings, the eco-movement prepared a list of recommended actions for improving the performance of the program.

UT Note

Ecology Movement of Uzbekistan unites people supporting the idea and willing to actively participate in protecting environment and human health, convinced that an environmentally-oriented approach in the course of sociopolitical and economic reforms is the most effective way for sustainable development of Uzbekistan.

Considering the motto “Healthy environment – healthy people” as its main slogan, the movement puts several program objectives, one of which is “Comprehensive increasing public participation in environmental protection and rehabilitation”.