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News: July 2006

29.07.2006 Kyrgyzstan: Rising Lake Threatens Shoreline

29.07.2006 World Bank to resume some funding to Uzbekistan

26.07.2006 Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan Inaugurate the Chu-Talas Rivers Commission

19.07.2006 SDC Director General to visit Tajikistan

18.07.2006 Aral Sea 'Island' a Health 'Time Bomb'

16.07.2006 Forests Rising on Bottom of Shrunken Aral Sea

7.07.2006 Electricity the new tool of American policy

6.07.2006 Specialists from Kazakhstan to arrive in Kyrgyzstan to study situation around Kambarata Hydroelectric Power Stations

4.07.2006 Kyrgyzstan leads Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan on doctors and candidates of sciences

4.07.2006 The US plans to rebuild Central Asia's transmission network bypassing Uzbekistan

4.07.2006 Atalay Inaugurates Agricultural Facility In Tajikistan

3.07.2006 PLA doctrine on securing energy resources in Central Asia