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News: June 2011

17.6.2011 FSU agro-output 2011: looking good, perhaps too good

15.6.2011 Drought alarm in Turkmenistan

15.6.2011 Chinese company to invest $2 billion in Kyrgyz hydro power plants

13.6.2011 Workshop on “Best International Practices on Environment Fund Management” took place in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

13.6.2011 Climate change-related water scarcity to affect food production

13.6.2011 Issues of efficient water management discussed in Ashgabat under UNECE aegis

10.6.2011 Development of integrated financial strategies on sustainable land management discussed in Bishkek

9.6.2011 UNECE Executive Secretary praises Turkmenistan’s initiatives for Afghanistan

9.6.2011 SPECA meeting finishes with joint communique

8.6.2011 EBRD commits 620 thousand euro for municipal waste management project in Bishkek

8.6.2011 UN report shows broadband potential for economic and social development

7.6.2011 UNEP Report Spotlights Enormous Economic and Human Benefits from Boosting Funding for Forests

7.6.2011 UNDP Uzbekistan launched the Eco-Week 2011

5.6.2011 Spending more on forests could reap enormous benefits – UN report

3.6.2011 Bishkek held roundtable “Climate Adaptation Mechanisms and Practices at Community Levels”

1.6.2011 Deputy Foreign Ministers of Central Asian states meet in Ashgabat

1.6.2011 Turkmenistan to purchase most advanced equipment for water purification