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June 2011


Source: CARNet, I. Domashov, 3.06.2011

How to adapt local communities of Kyrgyzstan to climate change? This and many other climate related questions and ways to solve them were discussed at the round table “Adaptation Mechanisms and Practices to Climate Change at the Community Level”.

The meeting was attended by experts and representatives of government bodies, academic communities, public organizations and local communities from the regions of Kyrgyzstan.

This event was organized as part of the project “Adaptation of Communities: Integration into national Policies and Cooperation among CA countries” by the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry, BIOM, UNDP/GEF project on adaptation on community level.

Climate change is becoming more and more tangible challenge for human and nature. Many states are now facing with the need for implementing climate mitigation programs. The need for mitigation of risks and adaptation to climate change was one of the central questions at Cancun climate summit 2010 in Mexico.

These needs have influence on the increasing number of infectious and cardio-vascular diseases, agricultural crop varieties and growing conditions, migration of some insects and birds to northern regions due to increased temperature in their original habitats, increase in the intensity and frequency of disasters, runoff level of surface waters, including lower water level in water bodies, shift of natural communities to upper hills for 100-300 m above sea level from their current level.

All these are only a part of those risks predicted for Kyrgyzstan in the face of changing climate. This danger has been officially confirmed two years ago by international institutions, including UN, for all countries of our planet. Local communities will take the brunt of climate change and they will be the first to be affected by negative consequences of these changes. Organizers of the round table discussed the possibilities of adapting the local communities to climate change both in Kyrgyzstan and in its transboundary aspect.

Also an exhibition “Alternative Energy Sources Technologies for Local Communities of Kyrgyzstan” was organized as part of the national roundtable.