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News: June 2009


Source: CARNet, 16.06.2009

12 June 2009 a regional round table Water and Energy Problems in Central Asia: Is Compromise Possible? was held at the conference hall of Strategic Studies Center under the President of Tajikistan.

The event initiated by the IWPR in Tajikistan was attended by the representatives of the Strategic Studies Center of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Kyrgyzstan, international organizations, economists, water and energy experts and journalists. The main focus of the event was the joint use of water and energy resources.

According to Georgy Petrov, head of the laboratory under the Institute of Water Problems, Hydrotechnics and Environment of Science Academy of Tajikistan the problems arise in the form of conflicts of interests between irrigation and hydroenergy. By his opinion uncoordinated activities and relations among CA countries in joint use of water and energy resources of Syrdarya River basin are due to the lack of specific agreements among the countries. But the main reason is the lack of technical and economic implementation mechanisms of these relations, he stated.

Besides, there are a number of other serious problems associated with this situation. We still do not have such an instance that would develop and implement a mechanism changing the relations for the better. And yet, as the participants assure, theoretically the compromise is possible, while practically it is not.

Another opinion on the compromise solution of the mentioned problems was shared by Anatoly Holmatov, National Consultant on Water Supply of the UNDP Russia. However it is difficult, settlement of the existing conflicts in use of water and energy resources is the question of time. To find a compromise, one should prepare for it, no one forces to sign one or another agreement at once without relevant agreements and technical and economic base, he said.