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News: June 2008

27.6.2008 Kyrgyzstan can get funding from Global Environmental Facility for joint use of transboundary rivers with neighbouring states

27.6.2008 Climate change issues discussed in Dushanbe

27.6.2008 FAO chairman drew attention to unused potential of agricultural sector of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine

26.6.2008 EurAsEC Head, Kyrgyz PM discussed efficient use of CA water and energy resources

23.6.2008 Implementation of the EU Strategy for Central Asia is well under way: findings of the first progress report

22.6.2008 Old Farming Habits Leave Uzbekistan a Legacy of Salt

21.6.2008 For the protection of NGO interests

21.6.2008 World Bank supports agriculture

20.6.2008 Work on preservation of the North Aral to be continued: PM

19.6.2008 Shrinking Forest Areas in Kyrgyzstan Cause Big Damage to Central Asian Environment

19.6.2008 Central Asia: face to face with globalization

16.6.2008 Balkhash steam power plant construction needs huge investments

16.6.2008 World Bank President to visit Kazakhstan: MFA

10.6.2008 About 4 tons of wastes retrieved from the bottom of Issyk-Kul Lake in the result of a clean-up campaign For Clean Lake

9.6.2008 Only solution of energy deficit problem - stimulation of energy saving - Nazarbayev

4.6.2008 New quality standards of potable water to be developed in Kazakhstan - Environmental Protection Ministry

4.6.2008 Kazakhstan does not claim leadership in solution of water problems: N. Iskakov