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News: June 2006

30.06.2006 Agreement on power supply project from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan signed

29.06.2006 Turkmenistan to purchase chemicals to protect crops from weed and seed cleaning installations totaling some US $ 4 mln

28.06.2006 Almaty to introduce national scientific- technical portals concept

23.06.2006 Kyrgyzstan wants review of water, energy agreements

23.06.2006 Turkish Company to Build Garbage Processing Plant in Turkmenistan

22.06.2006 Forecasted floods

21.06.2006 Kyrgyzstan to enter Pakistan energy market in two to three years

21.06.2006 Kazakhstan, China sign loan agreement for $ 200 mln to build Moinak Hydroelectric Plant

21.06.2006 AES to invest $ 350 mln in Kazakh assets over 5 years

21.06.2006 AES to help supply electricity from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, Pakistan

21.06.2006 China provides Uzbekistan with $ 50.3 mln loan for water projects

19.06.2006 China to import electric power from Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan

18.06.2006 NGO Helps Rehabilitate Water Supply in 'No-man's Land'

18.06.2006 Problems of the Aral Sea Showcased

18.06.2006 Poor Drinking Water Quality Worries Officials

17.06.2006 Agreement on power supply project from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan signed

17.06.2006 Hydroelectric power stations suffer losses

16.06.2006 Russias Putin proposes special Energy Club for Asian partners

16.06.2006 Kazakhstan gets loans to construct power grids

15.06.2006 Giant Turkmen Lake Sets Off Environmental Alarms

13.06.2006 Uzbekistan plans to raise $ 30-mln ADB loan to build 5 thermal plants

12.06.2006 World Bank recommends Tajikistan invest in infrastructure, energy

11.06.2006 Kyrgyz to electrify western China

9.06.2006 Preventing soil erosion in Kyrgyzstan

1.06.2006 Protecting drylands from desertification

1.06.2006 Central Asia's water and energy problem discussed in Berlin