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News: May 2007

31.05.2007 Tajikistan is likely to build coal power stations

31.05.2007 Kyrgyzstan intends to retain the rates of economic growth within 7-8% till the end of 2007

31.05.2007 UNDP and Germany to unite efforts for presenting more effective assistance to Central Asia

30.05.2007 Kyrgyz government approves a draft agreement with ADB on financing the southern regionís agriculture development project

30.05.2007 Working meeting on combating desertification in Central Asia under way in Ashgabat

29.05.2007 CIS Electric Power Council to discuss forming energy market

29.05.2007 Finance Minister offered ADB and WB to create the single department on projects implementation

28.05.2007 Workshop on transboundary groundwaters in Caucasus and Central Asia, 31 May-1 June 2007, Almaty, Kazakhstan

28.05.2007 E. Karabaev and Assistant to the UN Sec-Gen. discussed issues of Kyrgyzstanís cooperation with UNDP

25.05.2007 Forum in Vienna discusses ecological development of Aral Sea region

24.05.2007 Annual GNP growth to total 8.9-9.7%, inflation — 5-8% in 2008-2009

24.05.2007 Central Asiaís Energy Risks

23.05.2007 OSCE meeting transforms concern about environment security into action

23.05.2007 Bishkek to host Central Asian Coordination Energy Councilís session

22.05.2007 Life returns to the dead Aral Sea

18.05.2007 Establishment of Wetlands in East Europe and CIS to be discussed by UNDP/GEF projects at the regional workshop in Astana

18.05.2007 Kyrgyzstan fully supports Tajikistanís water-energy initiative, says Kyrgyz foreign minister

18.05.2007 Nominal money incomes of Uzbek population grow 29.3% in 1Q

18.05.2007 Resident population in Uzbekistan made up 26.7 million as of 1 April

18.05.2007 7 projects worth 205 million US dollars implement in agriculture field of Kyrgyzstan with the support of WB and ADB

17.05.2007 A scientific-practical conference to discuss actual issues of agrarian scienceís development

17.05.2007 Almazbek Atambaev: Kyrgyzstan is interested in implementing Kyrgyz-Pakistani joint projects on exporting electrical energy to Pakistan

16.05.2007 Almaty to host sub-regional workshop on information-coordination mechanism and electronic information tools for the Aarhus Convention

16.05.2007 Real GDP growth to make 9.7 % in 2007 - Economics Ministry

16.05.2007 Agreement on financing of Andijan Hydroelectric Power Plant-2 signed

15.05.2007 TV Program on public participation in addressing the drinking water supply

15.05.2007 UN ESCAP session opened in Almaty

14.05.2007 IMF releases Regional Economic Outlook for the Middle East and Central Asia

14.05.2007 OSCE Forum to focus on environmental threats to security

14.05.2007 Kazakh PM ordered to speed up energy industry development plan approval

14.05.2007 Kazakhstanís concept for sustainable development transition highly appraised, New York Forum

14.05.2007 Public Council of ICSD in Central Asia launches the Small Grants Program ďSustainable Development of Central Asian CommunitiesĒ

10.05.2007 International conference on Saryez Lake problems

8.05.2007 Asian Development Bank launches new carbon finance fund

8.05.2007 Overview of Uzbek social sphere development in 1Q

7.05.2007 Uzbekistan to help TTSB set up Asian Cotton Exchange - report

7.05.2007 ADB President opens 40th Annual Meeting with vision of prosperity shared by all

5.05.2007 Almaty to host regular session of UN ESCAP

4.05.2007 ADB issues its first sustainability report

4.05.2007 Uzbek, Tajik leaders discuss hydro-electric power issues over phone