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News: May 2006

26.05.2006 Aluminum giant Alcoa shows interest in building plant in Kyrgyzstan

24.05.2006 US offers help to import energy from Central Asia

22.05.2006 National electric mains of Kyrgyzstan and aluminum giant Alcoa intended to cooperate

22.05.2006 Rusal building new Tajik power plant; to sell surplus energy

16.05.2006 .  Report of the Second Expert Group Meeting on the Promotion of Dam Safety Cooperation in Central Asia (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 1011 April 2006) [204 kB]

10.05.2006 K. Bakiev appoints new Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Industry

9.05.2006 U.S. companies were looking into possible participation in the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Tajikistan - American diplomat

9.05.2006 Central Asia-South Asia electricity trade conference

8.05.2006 The World Bank is persuading Pakistan to import electricity and gas from Central Asian

6.05.2006 Uzbekistan electricity production is 5.8% up in Q1

6.05.2006 The first session of National water-power policy council held in Bishkek

6.05.2006 Kazakh government predicts 8% GDP growth in H1

6.05.2006 Ecological code: better pay out than lose out

5.05.2006 USAID official outlines plan to build Central-South Asian electricity links

4.05.2006 Legislation on fish and water resources consumption discussed

4.05.2006 Energy Ministry to present project of Trans-aspian gas pipe to EC

4.05.2006 Turkmenistan committed to Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline

4.05.2006 Kazakhstan a strategic partner for the EU in Central Asia: Commissioner for Energy

3.05.2006 Turkmenistan extends contract on electricity supplies to Turkey until 2010

2.05.2006 Turkmenistan Climate Change Awareness Week and Kyoto Protocol

2.05.2006 Kazakhstan Government to lower VAT rate

2.05.2006 Recent report calls for stronger EU presence in Central Asia

1.05.2006 Russia renews diplomatic-economic offensive in Central Asia

1.05.2006 U.S. pushing Asian power grid

1.05.2006 Regional cooperation program to invest .5 billion in Central Asia

1.05.2006 Regional co-op to benefit Central Asia: ADB report

1.05.2006 UNDP starts new ecological project in Central Asia