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News: April 2012


Turkmenistan, Ukraine discuss prospects for expanding cooperation in energy sector

Turkmenistan receives this years first batch of Belarusian tractors


Kyrgyzstan makes strides in improving its water resources management within framework of UNECE-supported National Policy Dialogue


Four modern villages to be built in regions of Turkmenistan by 2016

Delegations from 15 countries to attend the Ashgabat meeting on Afghanistan


10,000 pistachio and almonds trees to be planted in Kopet Dagh mountains


Turkmenistan received 400 "Belarus" tractors-cultivators


Developing a rational system of water usage in Kyrgyzstan

Asian Development Bank says climate migration poses growing threat

Tajik authorities to raise electricity prices

OSCE trains local government, water user associations in southern Kyrgyzstan

Russia may have hand in building 4 HPPs in Kyrgyzstan


UNECE supports Afghan-Tajik cooperation to address severe floods, vulnerable ecosystems and climate change impacts in Amu Darya Basin


Turkmenistan marks national holiday A Drop of Water is a Grain of Gold

Turkmen parliament passes new laws