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News: April 2011

22.4.2011 Water comes to remote village of Uchaji in the Kara Kum desert

22.4.2011 Turkmenistan and ADB to develop medium-term strategy of partnership

13.4.2011 UNECE workshop looks at how to jointly prepare for the increasing risk of floods and droughts induced by climate change

13.4.2011 UNDP launches a project on climate risk management

12.4.2011 Unified energy system of Central Asia in functional crisis

12.4.2011 Kazakh Agricultural Ministry lowers grain exports forecast

5.4.2011 Age-old reverence for life-giving water

5.4.2011 Turkmenistan celebrates the Drop of Water A Grain of Gold holiday

5.4.2011 Water policy issues discussed

5.4.2011 Science for effective water management

5.4.2011 Turkmenistan, UN hold annual review of cooperation

5.4.2011 UNDP to help Turkmenistan to prepare for global warming

4.4.2011 Turkmenistan celebrates national holiday A Drop of Water - A Grain of Gold

4.4.2011 Draft methodological guidelines on calculation of environmental pollution charges developed

2.4.2011 Presidents congratulatory address

2.4.2011 President of Turkmenistan accepts congratulations of A Drop of Water A Grain of Gold holiday

2.4.2011 Innovative concept in natural resource management offers new approach to balancing water needs in Central Asia