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News: April 2008

26.4.2008 Important partner in Central Asian region

25.4.2008 Stakeholders discussed synergy and partnership under the GEF projects implementation

24.4.2008 Nazarbayev calls Central Asian countries to solve hydro-power problems according to international law

24.4.2008 Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan may play a crucial role in insuring security in the region - Uzbek President

24.4.2008 Technologies for Ferghana valley

23.4.2008 Initiative on Central Asian Union establishment is irreceivable for Uzbekistan: I.Karimov

23.4.2008 Kazakh Leader urges Central Asia states to solve water-energy problems concurrently

22.4.2008 Environment is one of priority areas in Kyrgyzstan within the EUs strategy for central Asia

22.4.2008 Igor Chudinov considers that non regulation of water resources use may lead to ecological disasters in Central Asia

22.4.2008 UNDP promotes renewable energy sources

21.4.2008 The regular meeting Tripartite EU + the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Central Asian states was held in Ashgabat

21.4.2008 The Water users Association started its work in Shakhritus

21.4.2008 Natural resources are not heritage from our ancestors; we take them from the future generations

17.4.2008 Final decision on water-energy consortium construction to be adopted in Bishkek

16.4.2008 Kazakhstan is leader in Central Asia by realization of Program on decrease of victims of social, economic and ecological damage - UN

15.4.2008 Foreign investments in Uzbek economy to increase 40%

14.4.2008 Candidacy of the Kyrgyz Republic on membership in the UN Commission on sustainable development was supported

14.4.2008 Tajikistan is ready to hold the International Conference on Water Issues

12.4.2008 New Agriculture and Water Projects

11.4.2008 Water volume in Toktogul reservoir in comparison with last year reduced by 600 million cubic meters

9.4.2008 Europe and Central Asia need each other - EU Commission representative

7.4.2008 Meeting of Three EU - Central Asia countries to be held on April 10 in Ashgabat

2.4.2008 UNDP promotes the project Rules of connection of the small hydropower plants to distribution network

2.4.2008 Amendments to legislation on granting social benefits to young rural specialists to come into effect in 2009 - Agriculture Ministry

1.4.2008 Kazakhstan on the way to energy power

1.4.2008 UNDP project awards the best entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan