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News: April 2006

27.04.2006 Kazakh GDP growth in 2006-2008 planned at 27.7%

27.04.2006 Central Asian experts discussed joint usage of water-power resources of Naryn-Syr-Darya pool for 2006

27.04.2006 President Bakiev says about billion Russian investment to Kyrgyzstan

26.04.2006 Tajikistan to achieve energy independence by 2009

24.04.2006 Poor Drinking Water Quality Worries Officials

24.04.2006 A new unified electrical energy tariff to be paid by Kyrgyz population from May 1, 2006

21.04.2006 UNECE Safety Guidelines/Good Practices for Pipelines [pdf, 77 kB]

20.04.2006 Kyrgyz electricity output nearly flat in Q1

19.04.2006 Turkmenistan moves to next stage of trees planting around inhabited localities

19.04.2006 Kyrgyz Ministry of Agriculture and ABD to develop long-term strategy of agriculture development till 2015

19.04.2006 Kazakhstan boosts agricultural output by 3.8% in January-March

10.04.2006 Higher Temperatures Threaten Water-Flows in the Aral Basin

9.04.2006 Upgraded power unit launched at Mary power station in Turkmenistan

8.04.2006 Gloomy prospects for Kyrgyz electricity sector

8.04.2006 Second phase of the project on use of alternative energy sources started

7.04.2006 Activists Share Reservations About Global Forum

7.04.2006 Kazakhstan to be regional integration power: UNDP Director

6.04.2006 Central Asia's Rapid Growth To Continue In 2006-07: ADB

6.04.2006 Electric stations JSC to export 2,2 billion kw-h electric power

6.04.2006 Agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan be debated in Parliament

5.04.2006 Central/South Asia: Forum Explores Ways To Boost Region's Trade Standing

4.04.2006 Israeli experience on drip irrigation to be used in Batken Oblast

4.04.2006 Turkmenistan begins construction on $ 120 mln power station

1.04.2006 Press Conference on 2006 Economic Forecast for Asia and Pacific

1.04.2006 World's First Environmental Broadband TV Channel '' Launches Today

1.04.2006 Wasteful Farming Leaves Little for Drinking

1.04.2006 Kazakhstan, China to jointly build large-scale power plant