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News: March 2013


UNECE supports Afghan-Tajik cooperation on environment and hydrology in the Amu Darya Basin

Turkmenistan takes measures to enhance environment


Dashoguz hosts an international conference

First issue of the Journal of Ecological Culture and Environmental Protection will appear in print in March


World Water Day celebrates water cooperation: UNECE Water Convention set to make a difference by supporting action on the ground


Cotton sowing starts in Turkmenistan


Conference on Aral Sea in Dashoguz


National Policy Dialogue Steering Committee in Kyrgyzstan approves targets on water and health


Turkmen farmers to receive soft credits


Turkmenistan gets ready for spring planting season


The growing concern for water conservation in Kyrgyzstan

Tajikistan to cut down financing of Rogun HPP in 2013

Kyrgyz parliament ratifies hydro plant agreement with Russia

Tajikistan to fulfill obligations on water passage through Amu Darya, Syr Darya rivers

Iran requests Tajik state company no pay $12 million electricity debt

Tajik province suffers despite national abundance of water

Italian vice foreign minister on EU-Central Asia water conference in Kyrgyzstan

EU-Central Asia water conference in Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan's fresh water supplies: the threat of a broad ecological disaster


Uzbekistan to complete modernization of Tashkent power plant

Lake Balkhash shrinkage could entail ecological catastrophe in Kazakhstan – experts

Improvements to fish farming in Kyrgyzstan

Russian company to draft feasibility study for Upper-Naryn hydro power cascade in Kyrgyzstan

Uzbekistan to spend $144 million on irrigation system modernization

Tajikistan completes Varzob-1 hydro power plant modernization

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan agree to extend parallel energy system operations into 2013

South Kyrgyzstan to build large irrigation canal

Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan sign agreement on simultaneous operation of Central Asia United Energy System