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News: March 2008

31.3.2008 Educational monograph about globally significant wetlands of Kazakhstan was published

31.3.2008 Donors coordinate efforts on rehabilitation and development of water industry of the country

31.3.2008 The Roundtable was held in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs devoted to the World Water Day

31.3.2008 Expedition “Jaikhun–2008”

31.3.2008 Regular Report on Human Development in Uzbekistan considers problems of education

31.3.2008 Fish procedding plant to be opened in Aralsk

27.3.2008 Experts found out reduction of snow reserves in the mountains of Tajikistan

25.3.2008 Simple mechanisms needed for complex transboundary waters - UNESCO expert

25.3.2008 Areas under spring crops to be increased in South Kazakhstan oblast

24.3.2008 88,2% of the citizens of Kyrgyzstan use drinking water of good quality

24.3.2008 On the eve of the World Water Day: UNDP initiative related to water resources

20.3.2008 World Water Day 2008: Sanitation Message from UNESCO Director-General

15.3.2008 Tashkent discussed Aral Sea problems

14.3.2008 Almaty opened V int’l scientific forum Central Asia – modernization ways

14.3.2008 Kazakh President got acquainted with flood situation on Syrdaria

13.3.2008 Aral Sea surface area decreased four times over past 50 years

13.3.2008 To participants of International Conference “Problems of the Aral Sea, their Impact on Gene Pool, Flora and Fauna and Measures of International Collaboration for Mitigating the Impact"

12.3.2008 UNDP promotes the draft law “On renewable sources of energy”

12.3.2008 Charity eco-festival “We are for Aral’s children”

12.3.2008 Results of the Contest on the Best Children’s Drawing and Composition Writing “Aral - Children’s view on problem” were concluded

12.3.2008 Central Asia to sell gas at European-level prices in 2009-Gazprom

12.3.2008 Problems of Aral Sea go global - Karimov

12.3.2008 PM signed governmental decree On rendering of official humanitarian aid to Tajikistan

12.3.2008 Flood damage in South Kazakhstan to make $130 million - UN experts

12.3.2008 International conference on Aral issues taking place in Tashkent

11.3.2008 Journalists are proposed to contribute to preparation and holding the International Conference on Water Natural Disasters Issues

11.3.2008 Measures to improve land-reclamation conditions in the Khorezm oblast are planed

11.3.2008 The Senate considered the report on activity of the State Committee of Nature in 2007

9.3.2008 70,000 in Uzbekistan to benefit from disaster risk reduction project

8.3.2008 Problems of Aral region and ways of resolving them

7.3.2008 Message of the UN Secretary-General on World Water Day

6.3.2008 Kazakhstan and Ukraine ready to expand energy coop

6.3.2008 Conference on ties between Central Asia and South Asia held

5.3.2008 Conducted presentation of final version of the draft law on “Renewable Energy Sources”