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News: March 2006

31.03.2006 Czech entrepreneurs to invest in construction of new cement plant in Tajikistan

30.03.2006 World Bank supports water management improvement

27.03.2006 International finance institutions grant Kyrgyzstan over 105 million US dollars in 2006

27.03.2006 Construction of Kerbulak Hydroelectric Plant to begin in H2

26.03.2006 ADB's New Programme for Uzbekistan focuses on four key areas

26.03.2006 Tajikistan to help Balkh in environment protection

25.03.2006 Farm output in Kazakhstan up 3.2%

25.03.2006 US $ 2M for micro hydro in Tajikistan

24.03.2006 Kyrgyz energy sector 'lags behind'

22.03.2006 Is Water A Right or A Commodity?

21.03.2006 'Soon, the Aral Sea Will Only Be in Pictures'

21.03.2006 US $ 2 Million Grant to Supply Power to Rural Areas in Tajikistan

20.03.2006 Activists Share Reservations About Global Forum

20.03.2006 World Water Day: Merge Ancient Culture With Modern Technology to Get It Right, Says U.N.

20.03.2006 World Water Day: New Technologies Do Not Suffice

19.03.2006 World Water Day: Activists, Global Forum Do Not See Eye to Eye

19.03.2006 World Water Day: Film Festival to Drive Home the Significance of Water at Global Forum

19.03.2006 World Water Day: Foreign Corporations Backing Off

19.03.2006 World Water Day: Listening to the Voices of Children

19.03.2006 World Water Day: Mismanagement, Corruption Blamed for Water Shortages

18.03.2006 The 2nd United Nations World Water Development Report: 'Water, a shared responsibility'

17.03.2006 Restoring mechanism of efficient water management in Central Asia

17.03.2006 World Bank Halts New Lending To Uzbekistan

15.03.2006 Water Myths

11.03.2006 Under the threat of being flooded

9.03.2006 Central Asia Braces for Spring Floods

8.03.2006 Kazakh economy to grow 8.3% in 2006

8.03.2006 Uzbek GDP grows 7% in 2005

3.03.2006 "Cafe scientifique" as a new form of scientific relations