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News: February 2009


20 February 2009 a round table was held in Khudzhand to discuss the renewable energy sources. The meeting was organized by the environmental organization “Small Earth” with support from the Norwegian Nature Protection Society and the Youth Group for Protection of Environment.

The round table enabled its participants (scientists, public, international and local organizations, as well as commercial companies) to discuss the problems and prospects for the development of renewable energy sources, share the existing experience and propose their vision of the problem.

During the round table there were presentations about the studies in the area of geliofication, installation of wind generators and solar photo panels, as well about gas and energy equipments. The Small Earth spoke about the controversies in the energy policy. Following this the representatives of private company Samo demonstrated different equipments, including solar panels, energy saving lamps, as well as warm floor technology.

“It is important to develop training programs to train and develop local specialists in the RES and energy efficiency area. Today we have neither scientific nor technical base for wider development of RES in Tajikistan”, Mr. Akramom, energy consultant of Nau said.

Director of JC, Mr. Tosikhodzhaem noted that despite that government is undertaking a number of measures to implement RES, these programs have uncoordinated and do not have long-term basis.

Mr, Khasanov, head of “Sugdnavovar” : “We should raise this issue on a higher level to make RES and energy saving one of the priorities for the state energy policy”.

Participants confirmed the need for adoption of a law on RES, which would create the conditions for introduction of clean technology and development of RES market. They also agreed that the state should ensure tax privileges and a swet of guarantees for those organizations and individuals, who produce, install and provide other services in RES area.

Source: CARNet, 26.02.2009