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News: February 2009


In 2009 in Jizzakh area there were 3.6 thousand hectares more winter crop seeded than last year.

Processing of 113.6 thousand hectares of irrigated land and 70 thousand hectares of dry land is currently ongoing. We are currently washing away the salt and carrying out winter watering on 120 hectares of cotton fields in accordance with agriculture-technical requirements, says Rashida Yadgarova, director of Sangzor farm, where winter crops already gave sprouts.

In all districts of the region, besides managing winter crops, there is also work on improvement of land reclamation.

The staff of the Navoi Regional Car-Tractor Park Association prepares for spring seedtime.

As of now, more than 200 tractor-cultivators and about a thousand arable tractors, and also other equipment have been repaired.

These days all farmers are engaged in preparation for spring seeding. They are washing land and improve land reclamation, says Ziyodulla Yuldashev, chairman of Navoi Regional Car-Tractor Park Association. To help dehkans our staff is trying to repair and prepare all the equipment as soon as possible.

Source: Uzbekistan Today, 3.02.2009


Foreign investments of $77mln have been attracted to the agricultural projects in Uzbekistan in 2008.

The further development of agricultural sector and increase of its productivity become one of the top priorities to ensure sustainable economic development of the country. Rationalization of agricultural production and introduction of state-of-the-art agricultural methods will ensure the food independence of the country, and thus it will allow the country to redirect foreign exchange reserves from purchasing expensive food products towards stimulating development of the basic sectors of national economy, construction of new production facilities in the regions, as well as development and provision of urban amenities in the rural areas. Having satisfacted the domestic needs, Uzbekistan will be able to increase its presence in the international markets, and more so during the food crisis that has been already challenging the global markets for the last few years.

Irrigation and amelioration development is especially important for Uzbekistan with its dry climate. In 2008 the government allocated 21bln soums for irrigation development, which included construction and reconstruction of 48 kilometers (29.83 miles) of canals, 12 hydraulic structures, pumping station of 3.4 cubic meters (120.07 cubic feet) of total capacity per second, and water reservoir of 8 million cubic meters (282.5 million cubic feet).

Among the projects been implemented last year the most important ones are: construction and reconstruction of Buston canal in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Andijan-Say canal in Andijan Region, Podsho-ota in Namangan Region; construction of Jidalisay water reservoir in Namangan Region, Akbulak reservoir in Jizzak Region, Akchobsay and Kamangaran reservoirs in Samarkand Region. The projects proved successful, and in 2008 most of the agricultural yields exceeded the expectations. In 2008 the government assigned 75bln soums within the amelioration program including 25bln soums for construction and reconstruction of amelioration, 15bln soums for maintenance and repair works and 35bln soums for purchasing amelioration equipment.

The specialists say that the last year measures are expected to result in improved amelioration of over 228 hectares (563.4 acres) of land. Hydro-amelioration expeditions carried out a number of hydro and geological investigations in the areas of active amelioration works. The results showed prevalent decrease of ground water level, partial decrease of soil salinity level and increase of agricultural yields.

Construction and reconstruction of 47 amelioration objects was also financed through investments. Drain collection systems of total capacity of 266.5 kilometers (165.6 miles) have been reconstructed and built. The projects optimization and revision of technical approaches allowed the budget to save 5bln soums, which were allocated for construction of 6 additional pumping stations and 10 vertical drains.

Transparent financing system, efficient use of funds and quality control play important role in any type of construction, repair and maintenance works. This is why since 2008 all the repair and maintenance works were financed through new scheme, which is based on systematic projects adopted to the amelioration requirements. In order to increase the transparency and quality control of amelioration, the repair works were carried out and accepted not only by the clients, project and control authorities, operating agencies, but also involved the representatives of the Association of Water Users and Farmers. Total of 25.2bln soums was spent on repair and reconstruction of 243 priority amelioration objects.

D. Kamilov

Source: Uzbekistan Today, 3.02.2009