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News: February 2006

28.02.2006 Uzbekistan produced 7% more electricity in January

28.02.2006 Kazakhstan drafting long-term nuclear power program

28.02.2006 Water Eases Kazakhstan's Rural Migration

27.02.2006 Turkmenistan launches production of new coagulant for water purification

22.02.2006 Northern Kazakh part of the Aral Sea is being filled with water ahead of schedule

22.02.2006 Almaty power production down 6% in 2005

21.02.2006 Majilis debates amendments to Budget, Land and Forestry Codes

21.02.2006 Kazakhstan working out nuke power industry program

20.02.2006 Tajikistan, Iran launch hydropower plant construction

17.02.2006 Ferghana environment meeting wraps up

17.02.2006 Kazakhstan to channel KZT 90 mln to agroindustrial complex

17.02.2006 Turkey needs Turkmen gas, buys electricity

17.02.2006 Grave ecological problems hit Almaty

16.02.2006 New gas-turbine power station launched in Ashgabat

15.02.2006 Farming organic cotton gains popularity in the south

15.02.2006 A pipeline long in the pipeline

15.02.2006 Kazakhstan ups electricity output 4.5% in January

15.02.2006 Kazakh economy to grow 8.5% annually

14.02.2006 Kazakh biologist cleans oily water, soil

14.02.2006 Russian President entrusted PM to provide purchase of cotton and tobacco goods from Kyrgyzstan

13.02.2006 Epidemics Flow From Dirty Water

12.02.2006 Turkmenistan to build gas-turbine power station worth US $ 120 million

10.02.2006 Border Residents Manage 'Mad' River

10.02.2006 Kyrgyz farmers to receive more Japanese combines

9.02.2006 CIS population makes 279 mln people

9.02.2006 RusAl may build 300,000 tpy smelter in Tajikistan

8.02.2006 Japan to render technical and financial assistance to Central Asia

8.02.2006 Agriculture Stretches Water Use to the Limit

8.02.2006 GM Rice Pushed as Way to Ease Salinity

8.02.2006 Lots of Water, Not Enough to Drink

7.02.2006 'Nobody's River', Everyone's Headache

7.02.2006 Politics Clouds Sharing of Water

7.02.2006 Scientists Call for Ways to Reinforce Lake Sarez

7.02.2006 Unsustainable Irrigation Eats into Food Security

6.02.2006 Worries Fester over Radioactive Tailings

6.02.2006 Kazakhstan Majilis interested in climate change

6.02.2006 Construction of powerplant in Tajikistan is a very important issue

3.02.2006 Central Asia struck by severe weather

2.02.2006 Japan granted Kyrgyzstan with $ 2 million

2.02.2006 Kyrgyzstans electric supply to Kazakhstan hit record

2.02.2006 Energy consumption in Kyrgyzstan increased

2.02.2006 Iran, Tajikistan strengthen cooperation in the energy sector