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News: January 2011

28.1.2011 The power of water: a wake-up for Kazakhs

21.1.2011 KZT 14.9 bln to be spent for financing of small and medium farms in 2011 - A. Mamytbekov

21.1.2011 Kazakhstan's poultry farming sector is lack of specialists - I. Zhangurazov

21.1.2011 Gross agricultural output in 2010 made 88.3% - Ministry of Agriculture

21.1.2011 Agroindustrial complex export volume increased by 16% - Kurishbayev

21.1.2011 Gross yield of grain made 12.2 mln tons in 2010 - Agriculture Minister

21.1.2011 45 projects up to KZT 55.5 bln to be launched in 2011 - KazAgro

21.1.2011 Premier charged to arrange document audit of all agricultural lands

21.1.2011 PM urged to put automated information system of land cadastre into commercial operation

18.1.2011 OSCE-sponsored conference stresses importance of Water User Associations for fair water distribution

14.1.2011 Turkmenistan adopts General Programme to ensure clean drinking water in settlements of Turkmenistan

14.1.2011 EU intends to deepen relations with Turkmenistan

10.1.2011 Pakistan focuses attention on water energy problems of Central Asia

7.1.2011 UNDP technical support provided in small and medium hydropower to attract more investment into this sector

7.1.2011 Uzbekistan to reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by 2.68 million tons a year

6.1.2011 Turkmenistan to limit water use

6.1.2011 Uzbekenergo to build power plant in Tashkent region

6.1.2011 Lack of funds delays projects for water supply to Tajik population

4.1.2011 First generating unit launched at Kambarata-2

4.1.2011 Kazakhstan to increase investment in Tajik economy

4.1.2011 Tajikistan starts construction of Sanftuda-2 HPP dam