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News: January 2011


Source: CARNet, 10.01.2011

A working group on saving the Aral Sea and rational use of trans-boundary rivers in Central Asia and Kazakhstan has been created in Pakistan.

The group was initiated by Pakistani expert on water and energy resources (ex rector of Institute of Planning and Management of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) of Institute of Political Sustainable Development of Pakistan and member of Pakistani-Indian Commission on implementation of agreement “On water of Indus river” Arshad Hamid Abbasi.

According to Jahon News Agency, the group consisted of MPs of Pakistan National Assembly, representatives of scientific-analytical centers, ministries of water, energy resources and environment, Agency on Nature Protection, International Commission on watershed of Indus river, etc.

According to working group, there are a lot of factors explaining the reason of participation in saving of Aral Sea. Firstly, it is common problems of Uzbekistan and Pakistan. As it is known, rational use of trans-boundary rivers is also regular problem in relations of Pakistan with some neighbouring states.

Furthermore, as it was noted, ecologic problems in Central Asia are directly connected with other parts of the world, including Southern-Asian region. Abbasi said that current nature problems in Pakistan are impact of climate change in Central Asia. Consequently, the ignorance of such kind of problems has damaging consequencies. They called to stop construction of large hydro power stations at trans-boundary rivers, which could damage situation further and hurt ecology of both Aral Sea Basin and sub-region.