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News: January 2010


Source: UzA, Y. Umar, 8.01.2010

Measures to improve the living standards, in particular, supplying the population with clean drinking water, are being taken in the villages of Navoi region.

In Navbahor district last year 29.5-kilometer-long water pipelines were laid, providing clean water to more than 10 villages like Chaqmoqtepa, Kavobi, Keksaterak, Arabkhona, Pakhtakor, Mavlonobobo and others.

We will continue working on water supply improvement in 2010, said the head of Suvoqava, water supplying enterprise of Navbahor district Shodikul Ostanayev.

We are planning to lay 7.3 kilometers of water pipelines in villages Uzbekistan, Ijand and Uchtut.

By the end of the year, all villages of the district will be provided with drinking water, he told UzA.