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News: January 2009

31.1.2009 Kazakhstan fulfils obligations on Protocol on water and energy resources use

31.1.2009 Kazakhstan, Jordan signed Memo on coop in energy and mineral resources sectors

30.1.2009 Adopted Environmental Code tightens environmental control

30.1.2009 Legislative framework must meet all ecological standards: K. Massimov

30.1.2009 Necessary to develop groundwater use program: K. Massimov

27.1.2009 Ontustik SEC successfully solves the issue of unification of small agricultural producers: Vice PM

26.1.2009 Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan summed up the year and traced further perspectives

26.1.2009 Aidaraliev became minister of Agriculture

25.1.2009 Majilis introduce amendments to Ecological Code

23.1.2009 RK Ministry of Environment holds a regular session of the Interdepartmental Commission for Stabilization of the Environment

21.1.2009 Japan invests $3 mln. in the forest sector of Kyrgyzstan

21.1.2009 The water volume at the Toktogul reservoir

20.1.2009 Eurasian Development Bank finances project on development of Kazakh export infrastructure

20.1.2009 Financial infusions into agrarian sector

19.1.2009 Several agricultural projects to be implemented in West Kazakhstan region

16.1.2009 Kyrgyz Parliament approved the Environmental Code of the Kyrgyz Republic

16.1.2009 World Bank Office in Kyrgyzstan announces call for proposals among NGO

16.1.2009 Agricultural production in West Kazakhstan region increased by 21%

14.1.2009 Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Power plans to build several 40-60 MW HPSs

14.1.2009 Draft Country Development Strategy for 2009-2011 presented to KR Parliament

14.1.2009 World Bank in Kazakhstan announces grant competition for NGOs

13.1.2009 The water volume at the Toktogul reservoir

13.1.2009 Kazakhstan has enough energy reserve capacity: Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

9.1.2009 Government 2008 review: agricultural industry

9.1.2009 Mineral waters at health service

8.1.2009 88 inhabited areas in Akmola oblast provided with drinking water

6.1.2009 Tajikistan suggested UN General Assembly to discuss the energy issues

6.1.2009 Water in Dushanbe cleaner and tastier now

2.1.2009 The Aral Sea region contributes to global climate change

2.1.2009 ADB continues financing projects in Uzbekistan