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News: January 2008


22 January 2008 the Parliament of Turkmenistan adopted the Decree on joining to amendments to Montreal Protocol on ozone layer substances depleting substances which have been adopted at the fourth session of signatory parties (23-25 November 1992, Copenhagen), ninth session of parties 15-17 September 1997, Montreal, eleventh session 29 November-3 December in Beijing.

Our country signing the Vienna Convention for the Protection of Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer in 1993 meets the international commitments on phasing out and eliminating of ozone depleting substances. The amendments to Montreal Protocol have been signed by Turkmenistan in 1994.

The main governmental body which undertook the international commitments on protection of ozone layer is the ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan and the National Ozone Center.

Source: Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan, 31.01.2008


Akim of the Yeskeldinskii region, Almaty oblast, Sultan Duisenbinov has held a meeting with the region’s people, Kazinform reports.

Summarizing 2007 results, head of the regional administration underlined that a number of results was achieved in 2007, particularly, in the agricultural sphere. Production to the amount of KZT 6 bln 300 mln was manufactured by the region’s enterprises.

Water supply system improved in the region as well.

A lot of attention was paid to culture and education development during the meeting. Capital repairs were held in six schools of the region.

About KZT 20 mln was allocated from the regional budget to strengthening material and technical base of the high schools. The cultural establishments were repaired as well.

While speaking about the 2008 tasks, Sultan Duisenbinov told that nine electric generating plants and seven municipal houses are expected to be constructed in the near future.

Deputy akim of the Almaty oblast Amandyk Batalov took part in this meeting.

K. Kaipbekova

Source: KAZINFORM, 31.01.2008


On January 18 the Institute for Study of Civil Society (ISCS) together with Ecosan International Fund and National Association of NGOs (NANNOUz) and Ecoforum of Uzbekistan held a round-table entitled ‘Issues of Ecological Safety Regarding Protection and Rational Use of Water Resources and Atmospheric Air’,” said an official from the ISCS Information group.

According to the official, the round table participants proposed to adopt a government-level program upon modernisation of the atmospheric air quality monitoring system with a glance to the international standards. Representatives of the state nature protecting bodies and NGOs came to such a determination after they discussed a number of questions related to ecological threats.

They noticed that it is necessary to introduce wider economic mechanisms of securing ecological safety and to raise the level of manufacture and consumption standards, ecological awareness of all strata of the population and to provide a strict law obeyance.

Ecosan Fund president Y.Shodimetov said that nowadays climate change, the Aral sea problem, transboundary environmental contamination, irrational use of hydro-power resources, soil degradation, air pollution, excessive waste accumulation and biodiversity reduction constitute a threat to the ecological safety of the country. In order to resist these threats in an effective way he proposed to set up a committee on ecological safety under the EvrAsEC which could represent the interests of the Central Asian region in international forums on environment and sustainable development.

Head of a laboratory, the Hydrogeo Research Institute L.Shapovalova said that Amudarya and Sirdarya waters are not suitable neither for industrial, nor for household needs. «They are polluted by oil, heavy metals of mine waters and other toxic compounds. It is the result of the use of the water in industrial and agricultural sectors», L.Shapovalova noticed.

Head of the Ecology and Law Department, the State Committee for Nature Protection T.Tillaev drew the participants attention to the absence of legal mechanisms for securing ecological safety.

The forum participants also discussed such problems, as air pollution by household emissions (dust burning, unorganized dumps, burning of leaves, cutting down of green plantings), insufficient technological level of air quality control, dumping of insufficiently cleared and crude sewage in open reservoirs, absence of economic levers of water saving in the irrigation system, irrational use of water in agriculture and by farmers and absence of a law on associations of water users.

Problems of potable water quality decrease in cities and villages, uncoordinated management of hydropower resources of the transboundary rivers, exhaustion and pollution of fresh underground waters in Karakalpakstan, Khorezm, Bukhara and Navoi regions, in some districts of Kashkadariya and Samarqand were discussed too. The participants dwelled on problems related to threats of activity of mining objects Mayli-Suu, Qadamjay, Shekoftar and the Tajik Aluminium factory.

Besides they shared opinions upon careful use of water resources.

Source: «» NA, 31.01.2008