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News: January 2008


Tashkent hosted the rewarding ceremony of winners of state grants of the Fund for Support Non-Governmental Non-Commercial Organizations of Uzbekistan under the National Association Non-Governmental Non-Commercial Organizations of Uzbekistan. The Fund has offered state financing certificates to socially important projects of Uzbekistan’s NGOs for the second time. Over 70 projects from all regions of the country competed for the grants and 22 best projects won them. The competition’s total grant volume is 140 million soums.

The topic of projects announced in the beginning of the competition allowed NGOs to focus their efforts on those spheres where their assistance would be more required and intensive. Priority spheres of the competition were to support the initiatives of NGOs in executing the social orders of local administration and self-governance bodies, implement projects on environmental, gender and legal education, protect the rights of the under age and support the social groups having particular needs, invalids, unemployed women and youth.

“The competition’s more significant feature is that all its projects are socially oriented and actual. Today all regions have nongovernmental nonprofit organizations implementing socially important projects. We realize that this competition reflected the interests and needs of people, i.e. it includes those projects which will work for our citizens, society. For two years the State Budget has fixed a separate line for supporting NGOs to implement their social projects. The Law “On guarantees of activity of nongovernmental nonprofit organizations” shows three forms of governmental support such as governmental subsidy, social orders and grants. It provides the NGOs with a great opportunity to carry out their initiatives”, noted Gulnora Ishankhanova, Deputy Chairwoman of the National Association Non-Governmental Non-Commercial Organizations of Uzbekistan.

For instance, a project of the Yangiyul Invalids Association, a winner of the competition, was on establishing a cultural center for various cultural events for invalids. The Chairman of the Association Boris Ivushkin stated that the project basically aimed at mental and moral assistance of people.

The Uzbekistan-Russia” Association of Friendship and Cultural Relations, a winner of the state grant, intended to implement a special program on adaptation of orphans.

It is remarkable that the grant winners included a number of organizations supporting youth that is of a great importance in the Year of the Youth. For instance, “Kelajak ovozi” Youth Initiatives Center won a state grant for developing a school of young entrepreneurs.

The “Kelajak ovozi” Youth Initiatives Center’s Director Bahodir Sharafov informes UT that the competition will take place in all regions of the country and its winners: most talented and energetic children will have an opportunity to study at the school of young entrepreneurs. He thinks that it is important to lay the bases of business organization and management and then “Kelajak ovozi” Youth Initiatives Center will support the best initiatives of youth.

Tashkent information center, “Logos” NGO, Tashkent Regional Women’s Committee, invalids societies of Namangan, Surkhandarya and Khorezm regions, “Opa-singillar” “(“Sisters”) Kibray district invalids society, “Kelajak nuri”, “Nodira” and “Yuksak parvoz” NGOs, “Madad” Bukhara Center for Family Social Protection and others were among the grant winners.

Participants of the ceremony noted that Uzbekistan paid special attention to support, encouragement and further development of NGOs. There are about five thousand public organizations in the country today. Winners of the competition are sure that their projects will make weighty contribution to solution of problems of democratizing and modernizing the society and strengthening democratic values in people’s minds, increasing their socio-political and business activity and strengthening civil society.

G. Yusupova

Èñòî÷íèê: Uzbekistan Today, 24.12.2008