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News: January 2008


In 2007 181 states supported the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the agency reports referring to the UN press center.

According to the UN press center, 2007 became the record for UNFPA by the number of donors and the means allocated by them within the history of its activity. 181 states have supported its efforts, having given $ 419 million.

Five the most generous UNFPA donors became: the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, the Great Britain and Japan. Russia has allocated for the Fund activity - 300 thousand dollars.

UNFPA works in 140 countries of the world and assists the population in family planning and health protection. The fund helps the countries with the data on population by development policy and the programs directed at decrease of poverty and other social problems. One of the objectives of the Fund - encouragement of respectful attitude to women and girls. The fund is financed by voluntary donations.

Источник: Kazakhstan Today, 15.01.2008