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News: January 2006

27.01.2006 Kazakhstan took 70 place in the world Ecological rating

27.01.2006 Five more basin councils to be created in Kazakhstan

26.01.2006 Uzbekistan to supply 500 mln kWh to Tajikistan by April

23.01.2006 Ecological insurance as usual practice

19.01.2006 Sozh Invest supplying hydro unit for Uzbek plant

19.01.2006 MOU on electricity exchange to be signed

18.01.2006 Access Energo production slips in 2005

18.01.2006 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan to cooperate in energy

18.01.2006 The resolution on power lines adopted in Kazakhstan

18.01.2006 Turkmenistan and China to start construction of pipeline project

17.01.2006 Turkmenistan made less gas for the TAP pipeline than demanded

17.01.2006 Energy working group to be formed

16.01.2006 Ukraine to cooperate with Central Asia in energy sector

13.01.2006 UNDP seeks to raise public awareness on climate change

13.01.2006 A reservoir, water canal and school were launched last week in the Osh region

9.01.2006 Building common environmental policy

8.01.2006 ADB earmarking $ 30 million per year in loans to Kyrgyz Republic for 2006-2008

6.01.2006 M. Kerimkulov: Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Processing Industry has to achieve GDP growth by 6 % this year

4.01.2006 Tajik envoy calls for Iran-Tajik cooperation

4.01.2006 Iran elbows Afghanistan from pipeline project with Turkmenistan

4.01.2006 EU-Central Asia-Aid

3.01.2006 Almaty hosts National Ecological Forum

3.01.2006 Kazakhstan to produce 1.6% more electricity in 2005