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Gender Aspects of IWRM

G.V. Stulina, D.R. Ziganshina, Sh.Sh. Mukhamedjanov: Gender Aspects of IWRM (2009) (pdf, 146 kB)

Gender Aspects of Integrated Water Resources Management (GWP CACENA, 2005) (pdf, 1610 kB)

Gender mainstreaming: An essential component of sustainable water management (GWP Policy Brief 3) (2006) (pdf, 332 kB)

Mainstreaming gender in integrated water resources management strategies and plans: practical steps for practitioners (GWP Technical Brief 5) (2006) (pdf, 132 kB)

G.V. Stulina, A. Torguzova: Specificity of gender processes in water sector in Central Asian and Caucasus (2006) (pdf, 150 kB)

Sh. Mukhamedjanov: Womens role in water resources management and use in rural area (2004) (pdf, 245 kB)

I. Abdullaev, B. Matyakubov, M. Yakubov, N. Nizamedinhojaeva: Gender Performance of the Irrigated Agriculture: Approaches, Assessment Methods and Issues (2004) (pdf, 329 kB)

N. Mukhamedova, K. Wegerich: Land reforms and feminization of agricultural labor in Sughd Province, Tajikistan (2014) (pdf, 1,39 MB)

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