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Use of the wide-span Valley Sprinkling Machine in Sh. Batyrov Daikhan Association for wheat watering


Title Use of the wide-span Valley Sprinkling Machine in Sh. Batyrov Daikhan Association for wheat watering
Category of tools Sprinkling system
Field of application
  • Use of water resources
  • Use of land resources
Usability of practice for adaptation to climate change Low
Implemented by Representative of Valley in Turkmenistan, Erdem Cus-tomer Service
Used by

Country: Turkmenistan

Province: Ahal Region

District: Baharly District

Settlement: Sh. Batyrov Daikhan Association

Local specifics

The site is located in the mid streams of the Amu Darya River (desert crust and virgin soils lands)

Practice usage period

Start date: 01.01.2014

End date: 31.12.2014

Problem solved through this practice

Water deficit, poor irrigation technology

Tools used in the practice

Wheat irrigation technology based on Valley Sprinkling Machine

Description of the practice and its results

The sprinkler is produced by the US Valley Company established in 1946 and considered one of the world leading designers and manufacturers of water-efficient irrigation and water supply equipment for agriculture, industry and municipal purposes.


The first case of using such a large-scale sprinkling irrigation machine in Turkmenistan’s agriculture.  The machine’s operation does not require careful field planning.  The machine’s scale (extension up to 1,000 meters) allows it to irrigate up to 300 hectares of land. Frontal installation with reinforced irrigating shoulder bars moves back and forth across the field and ensures uniform watering of the whole acreage.

The government provides a 10-year soft loan with 1% annual interest rate to procure such units.


Application of water sprinklers allows the two-fold saving of water resources and higher yields. Due to its overall high quality and advantages, Turkmenistan’s agricultural producers became interested in the technology – multiple orders were placed to procure and install such smart sprinkling machines.

Lessons learnt and recommendations made

Lessons learnt:

Advantage of sprinkling machines:  

  • fitting with fertilizer administration units;
  • fitting with units for spraying disease, pest and weed control agents;
  • capable to replace water spraying tractors;
  • no need for seasonal field works;
  • lower agricultural production costs.


After successful testing, other candidates for the installation of irrigation machines declared their corresponding desire (Ashyk Aydyn Daikhan Association of Rukhubelent Etrap of Dashoguz Velayat that already installed a different type of sprinkling system covering 174 hectares).  Since Akhal Region is close to the capital, it is necessary to introduce more water-efficient technologies focusing on garden and cucurbit crops to address food supply issues.

Source of practice
  • Domestic tools (outcomes of research by domestic R&D organizations),
  • Foreign tools (transfer of foreign experience)
Funding source State funding + Sh. Batyrov Daikhan Association
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Form submission date 17.04.2018
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