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Improving the reclamation condition of land along the Darialyk Collector


Title Improving the reclamation condition of land along the Darialyk Collector
Category of tools Collector-drainage system
Field of application
  • Use of water resources
  • Use of land resources
  • Environmental protection
Usability of practice for adaptation to climate change Low
Implemented by State Program
Used by

Country: Turkmenistan

Province: Daşoguz Region

Practice also applied in the following localities

Area supplied with water via the Darialyk Collector

Local specifics

Lower reaches of the Amu Darya River Basin

Practice usage period

Start date: 01.01.2009

End date: 31.12.2015

Problem solved through this practice

Expanding salination of irrigated land

Tools used in the practice

Set of measures to enhance the reclamation condition of land (motorized cleaning of the collector, reconstruction of hydro-technical facilities, etc.).

Description of the practice and its results


A set of measures to rehabilitate the Darialyk Collector executed to improve land reclamation condition.


The executed actions allowed lowering the level of ground water occurrence, thus, enhancing the overall land reclamation condition in target area as well as improving water drainage in adjacent areas.

Lessons learnt and recommendations made

Lessons learnt:

Lowered ground water level and improved reclamation status of irrigated land allowed tenant farmers and daikhan (farmer) associations in Dashoguz Velayat (Region) to increase crop productivity and, thus, gain additional income.


Major project efforts to enhance the overall land condition in the target area resulted in improved public welfare.  The practice can benefit from the relevant Uzbekistan’s experience (systemic cleaning of collectors) – cleaning of intra-farm water supply networks simultaneously with inter-farm and/or main collector systems.  Uzbekistan’s model demonstrated sharp improvement of reclamation condition of entire land massifs.  Ecosystems are extremely vulnerable and without proper care future generations will have to take much more effort and spend more resources to restore them.

Source of practice

Domestic tools (outcomes of research by domestic R&D organizations)

Brief information on the project

Project title: Reconstruction of the Darialyk Interstate Collector (including water inlets).

Project duration: 2009-2016.

Project goal and objectives: improving passage of drainage water.

Project beneficiaries: water consumers of all levels in the area supplied by the Darialyk Collector.

Project implementer: Republic of Turkmenistan

Funding source Government of Turkmenistan
Information sources

ASBP-3 Project

Form submission date 04.04.2018
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